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Road trip diary: Pittsburgh 

October 22, 2015


  • Okay so I forgot to take pictures of everything but take my word for it (why would I lie to you) Pittsburgh is beautiful and awesome and super fun.
  • The photo credit for the above belongs to Ashley. That was a fun post-dinner adventure and we totally didn’t almost get murdered that night. 
  • Penguins game: the arena is really nice and they sell all kindsa booze in it which is really important and also I got a selfie stick and a nice compliment on my hair so now I’m in love with the place. Not enough people seem to be going though what’s wrong with them I’ll take their tickets if they’re not going to use them.
  • The game we went to had everything. Sid scored finally. On the power play, too. PHIL! scored also. It went to overtime and there was a failed coach’s challenge and even a scoreboard proposal. And of course the requisite bros yelling at the Penguins to shoot the puck through zero available shooting lanes and five Florida Panthers.
  • I was excessively spoiled in Pittsburgh. Thank you to Adam K for taking me to the game and getting me way drunker than anyone should be on a Tuesday night and for the talk about life and boys. Thank you to Carrie and Mike and Adam G and Luke and Angie for coming out to hang out. Also thanks to Mike for talking me out of cancelling the whole thing because I almost did because anxiety is an asshole. Also thanks to Angie for my new Pirates tshirt. Thanks to Sean for driving me everywhere and dealing with me all day. And thanks to Ashley for everything and being such a good friend and I’m so glad we finally got to hang out and have a girl’s night ish. Next one’s in Montreal.
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