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Road trip diary: Detroit 

October 18, 2015

 Hi hello I still have this blog apparently. I figured I would make use of it right now because I am the kind of happy exhausted that you don’t get to be very often. You know the kind I mean. Anyway, here are some highlights from the Detroit part of my road trip.

  • Don’t ever let anyone tell you about Detroit. Seriously. This is the second time I’ve been here and the first time I was so scared of everything because of what I had heard that I wouldn’t let my friend do a bunch of the stuff she wanted to do. I was far braver this time and even did a few things by myself. Guess what? It was amazing. 
  • That said, don’t be stupid. Ask people you trust who know the city about the things you want to see and they’ll tell you where not to go.
  • I got lost here three times, because my GPS and I were having communication issues. That was legitimately terrifying. 
  • Joe Louis Arena is one of the greatest places to see a hockey game and I will hear no arguments. I love it so much and will miss it terribly. It’s just so very… hockey.
  • I have always been a little obsessed with Michigan Central Station and was finally able to get kiiiiinda close-ish to it. I cannot even begin to describe my feelings about it. I really hope they figure out what to do with it (without tearing it down).
  • Another cool thing: during the half marathon it was in sight for a few chunks of the course.
  • Do not ever run a half marathon a week after a car accident.
  • But didn’t I sign up for the full marathon, you say? I did. Then I went out four or five nights a week all summer so I didn’t feel like my training was on schedule. Downgraded to a half and it was still an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend it to any runners.
  • Running across the Ambassador Bridge as the sun was rising is definitely among the top highlights of my life.
  • Another highlight: seeing so many friends. People are so amazing and I am lucky to have such wonderful examples in my life. Thanks especially to Keith, Agnes, Megan, Jen and Zac and D, and Kyle.
  • Thanks to everyone who supported me and was happy for me about today’s race. I feel so loved right now. I love you all back. 
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