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“I wish it could be more.”

March 23, 2013
Click ninja me to donate!

Click ninja me to donate!

At the time this post is scheduled to go up, I’ll be out running in my weekly group training session.

We’re doing 16K this week. And when I say “we” I mean the other members of the team who are running the half-marathon in San Diego. I’ll probably end up doing a bit less, because I am the slowest runner, and they make you turn back after you’ve run half the scheduled time.

I think I’m roughly halfway through this crazy idea I had where I decided to run a half-marathon for charity, even though I had never done any kind of fundraising before and am kind of fat.

“I wish it could be more.”

I get this a lot. A lot a lot. When I thank people for donating. When I thank people for getting the word out there. When I thank people for giving me running tips. When I thank people just for asking.

Here’s the thing though. It is more. It is so much more than you know.

This is more fun and more rewarding and more inspiring than I ever thought it could be, but it’s not easy. It’s not easy to train for a half-marathon when your body is only trained for window shopping. It’s not easy to ask people for donations when you’re shy and awkward and quiet (except when drunk).

It’s not easy to drag yourself out of bed on Saturday mornings to go train, when you think about it. It’s really not easy to have a naked Zdeno Chara avatar on Twitter for a week, either, come to think of it.

Anyway, basically what I’m saying is that this shit is hard.

What I’ve learned in the last two months is that people are amazing, and there are more people out there that care about this cause (or me or both) than I had imagined. Total strangers have donated. A Twitter follower I’d never interacted with has donated. Old friends and new friends and internet-only friends and random acquaintances have donated. Someone I not-so-secretly idolize, who has no reason to know who I am, has donated. People I literally hadn’t spoken to in seven years donated. People who have never met me donated through retweeted links and Facebook shares.

And people who can’t donate have helped in so many other ways, like getting the word out, donating their time, their skills, or their stuff to help raise money.

People are amazing.

“I wish it could be more.”

Every cent counts. Every single one. It all adds up. At the end of the day, however long it takes me to run this thing in San Diego, what it’s about is raising money to help fight cancer. Until there’s finally a cure, we all wish it could be more. So every dollar is a huge deal. Every retweet, every share, every running tip, every music suggestion, every “how’s it going,”every single thing that’s going to help me get to the finish line and raise this money is a huge deal.  It’s more than you know.

My run right now should be going well, because I carbo-loaded and went to bed at a reasonable hour. It’s probably being fueled by the fact that last night, someone who’s never met me donated through a link my friend shared on Facebook, in case you think for a second you aren’t doing enough to help when you share the link.

But I still have a long way to go in terms of raising money to meet my goal. I just want you all to know that everything you’ve done to help me get this far, and everything you do to help every day, means more to me than you’ll ever know.

Thank you.

Fuck cancer.

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  1. March 23, 2013 10:08 am

    Laura, I believe in you. I believe in what you are doing. Love you, Vin.

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