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Ten people you could be following instead of fakee insiderr guyy

July 24, 2012

At some point last week or the week before or the week before that our current favourite rumour monger decided that if he got 25 thousand followers he would reveal a clue as to his identity, like his initials (let’s not get into who cares what this guy’s initials are). So naturally I was curious as to whether people would fall for that shit. I think he’s blocked me, because I can’t see his tweets, but I can see his follower count and I’ve been watching it rapidly climb to 24.5K. I don’t know why, but I suddenly became obsessed with how many people/Twitter accounts have fewer followers than he does. It was stupid, really, because everyone knows follower count means nothing, right, but it still enraged me to find out he had 23.5K at the time and the You Can Play Project had under 11k. I told people that and bummed them out, too. So like, let’s fix that, internet. There are better uses of your time and bandwith than that fake rumour asswipe (I say, as I waste time and bandwith writing about it). Support something good, not an idiot attention whore.

In any case. Here is a short list of hockey writing people you could be following instead of that whatever it is. It’s driving me nuts that they have less followers than he does. Which is crazy, but I mean seriously.

(This is kind of based on a poll I did for an in-the-works post about must-read, can’t-miss hockey writers. Many of these votes aren’t mine and not all of these people are necessarily your cup of tea but every single one of these people deserve more followers than that lying e-sack of shit, because that guy deserves zero. For this post I really just wanted to make a short list of people I’m shocked people aren’t choosing over that self-important attention-whore. Also this list is not exhaustive and I’ll try and do some more “Five People I Follow” posts over the rest of the offseason.)

Jesse Spector – Hockey writer for Sporting News, Instagrammer extraordinaire, hilarious.

Mc79hockey – Tyler and I have tweeted about how I think he can be a dick. He’s okay with my opinion (I met him in person and he was actually pretty great, we chatted about baseball). Still, I try and read everything he writes because his blog is pretty much an education.

PuckBuddys – For boys who like boys who like hockey. Also for everyone else to read and enjoy, and all their writers are like a hug.

Katie Baker – Grantland! I have lots of girlcrushes but my hockeywriter girlcrush is definitely KatieBakes. She’s brilliant.

Sean FitzGerald – National Post. He might be one of my very very very favourite sportswriters. He’s the kind of guy who just appreciates the fact that he gets to write about sports for a living, and is super humble about it. Bonus: his University Of Notre-Dame football misery tweets are the greatest thing, ever, and hey, fall isn’t that far away.

Jonathan Willis – Edmonton Journal, Grantland, almost everyone else. One of the best hockey writers around, period. 

Justin Bourne – He’s a great writer but I like him even more for the team of writers he’s managed to put together for The Backhand Shelf, including:

JoNana – She writes about injuries and other medical stuff for BHS and it’s always, always worth a read. Plus she’s hilarious.

Ellen Etchingham – you want to write like Ellen writes. Don’t lie.

Cam Charron – Cam writes for like everybody, including the Backhand Shelf, and also edits The Leafs Nation. I knew him before he was famous. He was already a decent writer, but now he’s one of my can’t-miss guys.

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  1. John permalink
    July 24, 2012 2:32 pm

    Enough of these gays in sports. We don’t need to read any fag-talk

    • July 24, 2012 4:08 pm

      I don’t want to read any of your discriminatory talk. You can’t tell people to like hockey or write about it based on their sexual preference, and if you honestly think you have the right to judge people for who they love, you’re a very small minded person.


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