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Guest post – Semi on being a Canucks fan

June 15, 2012

TAS note: Semi is an incredibly awesome Vancouver Canucks fan you can follow on Twitter here. I had asked a few people to send me some thoughts on what it’s like to suffer as a fan of their favourite team for this post. I loved a couple of them so much I couldn’t chop them up and quote them in the main post, so I posted them as is right on the main page. Semi’s is below, Thomas Drance’s can be found here.

On the 2011 Stanley Cup final

What does it feel like, to be so full of hope so many times, yet have it all come crashing down time and time again in the worst possible ways, while all the cool kids who have their history laugh from the sidelines?

Somewhat like the Nintendo-64 kid. Except if as soon as he opened that awesome present, some bald jerk who only eats one chip ran in, stole it, and punched him in the gut. A few times. And once to the kidneys. And then if that jerk becomes “friends” with the kid a few years later, making him swear off his totally cool and long-loved BFF while stealing all his lunch money and leading him into a life of crime and poverty and irrelevancy.

Then, when that kid is older and finally able to afford his own N64, it breaks down just as he’s getting to the good parts of some sweet game like Ocarina of Time. In a fit of rage, he slams it into the ground, earning himself an extended grounding. And he’s not able to buy another N64 before they get discontinued for a year.

Years later, when things are finally going really well with some twins he’s been working on for the last decade, he’s out one night and three quarters of the way to closing the deal when someone really spikes the drinks and shit just gets messy: his wingman is biting everyone, and all he hears is how those twins go down way too easy before blacking out and not remembering the last hour of the party.

And those cool kids, laughing on the sidelines with their N64s and Xbox360s (and those really dated guys with their Pong machines), laughing at the poor kid who hates himself and never got to play with anything cool. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE SO MEAN? Can’t they understand that this guy just wants to try one out once? Just to be able to say he’s been there, and not have to always pretend to know what it’s like while crying on the inside and kicking himself for falling onto this path?

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  1. Amanda permalink
    June 15, 2012 8:47 am

    Reading this makes me feel slightly bad for you….just slightly though because I’m one of those cool kids with that got the newer version toy in 2010 🙂

    love this line “his wingman is biting everyone” hahahaha

  2. June 16, 2012 7:17 pm

    I have to say, all the above rang remarkably true. Why CAN’T we be one of the cool kids just once!? We have been beated 3 years in a row by the eventual Cup winner. All 3 of those teams had phenomenal goaltending while we had a blow-out sale on collanders… After all I said and done, we are still true to the cause and stand 100% behind our team. Next year always looms promising, and I for one will be cheering for my ‘Nucks!!!

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