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Other stuff former Canadiens want back

April 21, 2012

On Friday, former Montreal Canadiens winger Michael Cammalleri tweeted that the Habs had sent him the jersey he wore during his last game as a Hab.!/MCammalleri93/status/193347165706403840

Many saw it as an attempt by Geoff Molson to restore the reputation for class the Canadiens had enjoyed in the past. However, a few hockey players who had recently left the Habs under various circumstances appear to have understood it to mean the team was returning belongings to former players.

As expected, Mike Komisarek of the Toronto Maple Leafs immediately phoned the Habs to see if he could get his Andrei Markov back.

“I left them a message,” he said. “They don’t even have to include a handwritten letter or anything. And I’ll happily pay the shipping costs.”

Current Vancouver Canuck Christopher Higgins denied a rumour that he had requested about 450 bottles of vodka the Canadiens had confiscated over his years with the organization.

“They did no such thing,” he said. “I always made sure to finish drinking before I got to work.”

Jose Theodore, who is currently backnotstopping the Florida Panthers in their first-round series, sent a polite letter wondering if the Habs still had his goaltending skills lying around.

“It was worth a shot,” he said. “Speaking of shots, do you know how to make them stop going past you, by any chance?”

There are unconfirmed reports that a number registered to Alexei Kovalev has been calling the Habs about four times per minute. However, the Canadiens have confirmed reports that that number has been blocked on their end since July 2009.

Dallas Star Mike Ribeiro wanted to know if the Habs could send his favourite bouncer from Buona Notte down to Texas. The Canadiens hung up in his face.

His teammate, Michael Ryder was reached on some beach or somewhere else he was probably lying with his feet up and asked if he had anything he still wanted from the Habs.

“LULZ,” he replied.

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