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Pre-playoff stuff and things

April 11, 2012

No reason...

  • I woke up this morning with my bitterness outweighing my excitement for the playoffs. I mean, I’m excited, but I’m human. This sucks.
  • Nothing is uglier than the NHL playoffs. Which makes nothing more beautiful.
  • Go Flyers.
  • Not ironically.
  • No, your prediction of Ottawa in 5 is not biased at all, New Jersey Devils fans.
  • Tweeted this yesterday, but I’m putting it here, too. If the Capitals beat BostonI am buying a Mike Green jersey.
  • When ShopNHL or one of them jersey sites has a sale.
  • Before yesterday, only Edmonton Oilers fans wanted to punch Steve Tambellini in the face. After the draft lottery, all the hockey fans want to punch Steve Tambellini in the face. Progress!
  • You know who could really use Rick Nash? The Columbus Blue Jackets.
  • Somebody please give them a break, because they clearly aren’t going to be able to catch one themselves.
  • If your team is facing the Boston Bruins at all this postseason, please remember this: friends don’t let friends follow Joe Haggerty.
  • To my Canucks fan friends… Okay, like all two of you: People are going to be saying some awful, awful things about your team and your fan base the entire time the Canucks are alive in the playoffs and likely for a while after. My advice to you is to ignore it. Just ignore it. Ignore the articles about how your team is dirty and cheap. Ignore me when I make fun of you. Ignore everything said about you/your team by somebody in or fromToronto. Ignore everything and everyone but your team. Just ignore it.
  • Please.
  • Bullet points will be back for the playoffs. Since there are no Canadiens games, I’ll just bullet-point whatever I end up watching every couple of days, cool?
  • Once again, as a hockey blogger I am legally required to post my predictions for each round. Eastern Conference: New York in 5, Boston in 7, New Jersey in 4, Philadelphia in 7. Western Conference: Vancouverin 7, St Louis in 5, Chicago in 5, Nashville in 7.
  • Finally, thank you all for reading and sharing the playoff bandwagon guide. It’s become one of the most-read TAS posts ever. It’s really good to be back.
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  1. April 11, 2012 11:13 am

    You’re bang on about Columbus. Loved your tweet after they lost lotto last night, by the way…

  2. April 11, 2012 11:57 am

    “If the Capitals beat Boston I am buying a Mike Green jersey.”
    i am going to overlook your chicago/phx prediction and advise you/save your life by telling you to just get his god-awful orange scooter instead, it would be a better expense


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