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Is It October Yet Chapter 43: Search terms

August 5, 2011

This picture is creepy.

In an effort to come up with something to write about other than how bitter I am about the Boston Bruins (seriously, when will it stop hurting in my heart?) I decided to look back on some of my old posts last night and see if there were any tired hockey jokes I hadn’t recycled yet. I also went through some of my stats and found some interesting search terms that have led people to my site.

Most of the search terms are pretty generic – theactivestick, the active stick blog, etc. Quite a few are titles of blog posts, which makes me happy because it means somebody wanted to come back to something they’d read here, and a huge chunk are “Zdeno Chara hit on Max Pacioretty” or some variation of that. Tons of people want to know what stick James Wisniewski uses and for some reason the word ‘skydiving’ has led to hundreds of hits (no, not diving, skydiving, jerkface Bruins fans). Jaroslav Halak’s girlfriend comes up a lot, as do Mike Fisher’s chin and Carey Price’s wink. Enough people stumble onto my site wondering how to chirp or otherwise make fun of Canadiens fans, so thank you to the cities of Toronto and Boston for the traffic. I’ve also discovered (without naming names) some of y’all google yourselves a lot. That or you have stalkers, so be careful.

My favourite ones are those weird ones that are responsible for only one or two hits. Here are some.

  • picture of zdeno chara
  • “Montreal Canadiens” naked pic
  • pic of drunk habs fans
  • zdeno charas hit on max pacherati (my money’s on a Bruins fan)
  • pk subban and carey price hamburger
  • bob the builder you’re f**ked
  • waffle news
  • bob the builder has let himself go (yeah, middle age caught up with him I guess)
  • mike cammalleri mom (I don’t want to know)
  • why do people think they have to post pictures of themselves half naked
  • i hate the phrase active stick
  • kyle wellwood is fat
  • pink girly drinks
  • why not call folks on twiter twits
  • what kind of chest does marc andre fleury wear (I don’t know, a human chest?)
  • in and out burger kyle wellwood
  • jaroslav halak boyfriend
  • slaves in love her true story
  • nasty remarks made to attractive women
  • fatso games
  • revealing women pics
  • how to pronounce hjalmarsson
  • where does zdeno chara live
  • mike green douchebag
  • sexy photos “me in a bikini”
  • girls f**king each other

The all-time MVP of my Little Blog That Used To Be Able To But No Longer Can is… Zdeno Chara’s junk. Remember when ESPN, The Magazine had a bunch of athletes pose nude in their “Bodies” issue and Chara was one of the athletes? I titled one of my blog posts “Naked Pictures of Zdeno Chara” even though I didn’t actually post the picture. Since then, people everywhere have been finding my blog by searching for things like “Zdeno Chara nude,” “Naked Zdeno Chara,” “Chara penis” and my ultimate favourite: “How big is Zdeno Chara’s penis?”

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  1. August 5, 2011 11:18 am

    I think “how to pronounce hjalmarsson” is my favourite.
    How in the world people find your site by googling “girls f**king” is way beyond me!

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