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Bruins-Habs Game 4: “I’m gonna die”

April 22, 2011
  • This is what Michel Lacroix should have said as he announced the starting lineups: “If you’re into tearing your hair out, screaming with joy, tearing your hair out again and then having fourteen heart attacks interspersed with ecstatic interludes, have we got the game for you.”
  • That… was an absolute heartbreaker. The Habs absolutely dominated for stretches there and then kept letting things slip and sometimes lurch out of control. There was no reason for the Bruins to tie that game three times. No reason for the game to go into overtime. And most aggravatingly, no reason for the 3-on-1 that led to the overtime winner.
  • Just like Game 3, they only played well for about half the game. The only difference this time was that instead of playing 30 consecutive minutes of good hockey, it came in stretches and shifts. Still the same end result, only way more frustrating for the Habs fans.
  • This series coming down to whoever plays Jacques Martin hockey better also means that there is absolutely zero room for error on either side, because even the smallest mistakes will bury the team that commits them.
  • So, like, it would be nice if the Habs stopped making unnecessary gaffes  any day now.
  • The Bruins are actively and aggressively trying to shoot high and to the glove side. Where have you heard this before?
  • Why did PK Subban play better on the road than he did at home?
  • He often reminds me of a little kid who has just been told he’s going to Disneyland. He goes absolutely crazy with excitement sometimes, and there’s that very fine line between useful energy and dangerous overexcitement.
  • My good friend Kyle Roussel (who’s also responsible for the title of this blog post) said he’s the best rookie defenseman we’ve seen here since Chris Chelios.
  • So basically, since 600 years ago.
  • You know I’d rather have Subban on my team than the opponent’s, and so would all the haters.
  • Dear Andrew Ference, this is what ‘accidentally’ means. Love, the world.
  • If you’re a believer in hockey karma, then Ference might have done Habs fans a favour.
  • Obsessing over whether the game-winner was offside or not only serves to drive you crazy and doesn’t change the outcome of the series. So get over it and go outside in the (cold) sun.
  • As Tomas Plekanec said, the best thing for the Habs to do is forget about this and focus on Game 5.
  • As Mike Boone said, the Bruins have not dominated in either building.
  • As Arpon Basu said, this Habs team thrives on doubt.
  • So why are we worried, again? The Bruins may have the momentum, but the Canadiens are pretty resilient.
  • Besides, who’d you rather be right now, a Canadiens fan or a Canucks fan? I thought so.
  • I think just used the word ‘interlude’ in a hockey blog post.
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  1. April 22, 2011 11:06 am

    Hah! Good stuff, as always, Laura!

    You make some great points in that the margin between winning in this series is razor thin. The loss was a terrible one for Montreal and sure to give momentum to the Bs, but I wouldn’t count Montreal out yet.

    If nothing else, this team has shown incredible resilience this season and I don’t expect that to stop now.

    We really haven’t seen either team play a full 60-minutes yet, at this point, I can very easily see this one going seven!

  2. Court permalink
    April 22, 2011 12:33 pm

    LOL Price gives Boston two games in while the Habs are diving all over the place THEN gets snubbed as a Vezina nominee. Good day to be a Bruin fan. Have fun w/ arson Montreal 🙂

    • Number31 permalink
      April 23, 2011 11:34 am

      You can thank Total Eclipse of Pylon Hamrlik, the slowness of Jaro Spacek’s mind, the team’s inability to fucking change appropriately and Gomez with his head up his ass for that one.

  3. Harry M permalink
    April 22, 2011 3:09 pm

    Michael Ryder is now the JD Drew of Hockey. The contract is justified.

    The Ference situation is well worth $2,500 fine. Good work Andrew. Those fans deserve the bird once in a while.The Montreal press had nothing better to do after game but talk about a non-issue.

    Martin has some BIG ears. WOW!

    Lets calm down on the Chris Chelios comparisons. The boy needs to have class and some respect for the game first.

    The B’s finally grew a pair last night. Far from perfect but a step in the right direction.

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