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Bruins-Habs Game 2 – Jacques Martined

April 17, 2011

The bullet points are late. If you know me personally, this shouldn’t surprise you.

  • EASY WITH THE BROOM TALK. Understandably difficult not to get cocky or overconfident, but let’s not forget that the Bruins themselves proved last year that series leads mean absolutely nothing.
  • Things I Have Recently Learned, Part 18273: Predictions, like alcohol, should be consumed in moderation.
  • Remember the PK Subban hit on Brad Marchand in December? And how you totally don’t go back and watch it once a week on average? Add last night’s hit on David Krejci to the list.
  • If PK makes a habit out of flattening Boston Bruins with clean hits, well, um, who gon complain?
  • Other things that you will totally not watch repeatedly: that Carey Price save.
  • Which one, you say? Good point. I meant from last night, not, you know, his life.
  • Andrew Ference and Jeff Halpern have a bit of a separated-at-birth thing going on. If this bullet point made you go straight to Google, you’re welcome.
  • Not to take away from Price and the Canadiens at all, but the supposed Stanley-Cup-contending Bruins are playing like lots of bags of crap.
  • I never like to underestimate Zdeno Chara’s importance to his team, and to a certain extent, last night was an excellent example of where they’d be without him, but his being out was no excuse for the rest of the Bruins to nap. I saw a tweet last night (wish I could remember who it was by) saying that the C should be given to Patrice Bergeron instead of Chara, and while that’s a little extreme, I will say that I can see why it was said. He was the only Boston player who showed any kind of intensity last night.
  • I don’t know what Milan Lucic and David Krejci think they’re doing, exactly, but so far it’s looked like a whole bunch of stupid and a couple of decent shots on goal.
  • Somebody said last night that the one word to describe what’s going on is ‘commitment.’ I tend to agree, the Habs have it in spades and the Bruins seem to have forgotten what it means.
  • Travis Moen played 19:53 last night. More than two minutes more than Nathan Horton.
  • I wonder how insane the Bell Centre is going to be tomorrow night. Good thing I get to go find out for myself, thanks to LG77. Pinch me.
  • Wondering if it would be bad karma to start a ‘Thank You Kessel’ chant at the Bell Centre tomorrow if the Habs win. What do you think?
  • PS Drew. Doughty. What. Up.
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  1. smalrus permalink
    April 17, 2011 8:20 pm

    Two more things:

    Tight lip locker room.

    Tim Thomas has been playing so far out of net, NASA’s going to have to reinstate the space shuttle program.

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