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All-Star Weekend Bullet Points:

January 30, 2011
  • As many pointed out, “My boy” has officially been ruined by Eric Staal.
  • Jeremy Roenick or Joan Rivers?
  • Man can PK Subban look sharp. Is that one of the reasons you hate him, haters, cause he can pull off clothes you can’t?
  • Phil Kessel doesn’t care that he got picked last. He beat cancer.
  • Although if I were him I’d hate to be babied by Burkie like that.
  • Miked-up hockey players at the draft: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwkward.
  • On the other hand, miked-up players during the game: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome.
  • Did anyone mind that Sid wasn’t there? I mean honestly, other than the horrifying thought that this concussion is going to damage his career, did anyone think about Sid at all?
  • Whoever said Kris Letang’s hair looked good better have been talking about how it looked in early November.
  • Was anyone else confusing the players’ kids and the rookies there?
  • Jonas Hiller seems to be one of those goalies that’s even more insane than goalies usually are. Love.
  • If anyone’s keeping track, jokes about the Toronto Maple Leafs have also been ruined by Eric Staal.
  • I often wonder if the Staal brothers ever actually enjoy playing hockey… ya know?
  • Can’t remember who it was talking about how Nashville had no superstars on it. Shea Weber: “Chill, I’m working on it. Hey, wanna go shoot some pucks?”
  • If Ryan Kesler weren’t a Vancouver Canuck, I think a lot more people would like him.
  • Bet Stamkos and St. Louis enjoyed themselves trying fancy shit in the shooting competitions 😀
  • Clay Aiken’s outfit was missing a fanny pack.
  • Other things Eric Staal officially ruined over the weekend: squealing, the word ‘terrible,’ Carey Price.
  • Don’t know why people think Mike Green’s a douchebag. I mean I know why people think he’s not a defenseman (cause like he’s not), but not why they think he’s a douchebag.
  • Number of mentions of Phil Kessel being drafted last actually <<<<<<<< number of mentions that Carolina is a non-traditional hockey market.
  • Don’t know why anyone’s surprised at the turnout, to be honest. It’s a sport and there’s beer. Of course they showed up.
  • I expect the Hurricanes to go on one of those February win streaks and permanently knock somebody out of playoff seeding after this. Gulp.
  • Raleigh must be out of chewing gum as the NHLers appear to have chewed the city’s entire supply during the skills competition.
  • It’s unanimous: all the people in the world think the girl in the red dress who was carrying away the players’ jackets during the draft needs to eat a cheeseburger.
  • Jonathan Toews is such a nerd. I mean we knew that, right, but holy crap.
  • Back to business: Please don’t suck, Habs.
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  1. January 31, 2011 9:06 am

    I missed Burkie’s reaction to Kessel being picked last. What did he say?

    • theactivestick permalink*
      January 31, 2011 9:16 am

      He said something about having the last 5 players left being picked out of a hat, because too much negative energy was focussed on Kessel.
      I understand the protective instincts, but I think he made it worse by acknowledging it.
      Honestly, I’ve never wanted to give a Toronto Maple Leaf a hug before until people started making a big deal about it in Kessel’s presence.

  2. January 31, 2011 9:24 am

    He fell right in to the “Streisand Effect”.

    Kypreos on Sportsnet also made it worse by yammering about how terribly embarassing it was and how damaging it is to an already wounded Leafs team. He finished by saying that if anything, being picked last will motivate Kessel in to playing well and erase the embarassment. Turns out that he ended up being the only forward on his team with no points. Imagine that.

  3. Jillian permalink
    January 31, 2011 11:03 am

    why’s Toews a nerd? 😛 A cute Nerd. 🙂

  4. Harry M permalink
    January 31, 2011 1:45 pm

    Active Stick, trading Kessel was the best thing to happen to the B’s since acquiring Cam Neely in the 80’s. The guy just refuses to put in the effort on D which makes him one demensional and ineffective.

    Hockey needs Sid as the ratings in the States will show. Once again, the NHL dropped the ball by not protecting their stars. I look forward to seeing the ‘so called’ national hero of Canada come back better than ever.

  5. January 31, 2011 7:16 pm

    Another bullet point: people in the NHL really need to learn more about Loui Eriksson.

  6. January 31, 2011 9:49 pm

    Pretty good coverage, just one point bothered me a bit:

    “Did anyone mind that Sid wasn’t there? I mean honestly, other than the horrifying thought that this concussion is going to damage his career, did anyone think about Sid at all?”

    Since you asked, yes I did. Just like the Penguins (as good as their record is without him) weren’t as much fun to watch, I think Sid would’ve added a little something to it. Frankly, I got sick and tired of Ovechkin pretending to have some sort of fun “character” during the game and that’s all people laughed and awwwe about. At least a guy like PK Subban did something that was actually funny. At least Perry showed some skills. But yeah just thought I’d vent about this since anti Crosby comments have gotten real ugly with his injury (I knew you weren’t trying to be anti Crosby) but you asked and there was at least one person missing one of the biggest all stars in the NHL

    • theactivestick permalink*
      February 1, 2011 9:22 am

      I used to be in the Crosby haters camp, but have softened on him quite a bit as he’s been growing up. I agree that a lot of the comments have gotten ugly.

      While I personally did not miss him, I’m glad to see from the comments that there were fans who did.

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