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January 21, 2011

Of course, can’t do a Saku post without the Saku kicked cancer’s ass video:

PS fuck cancer.

Fact: If Saku Koivu doesn’t make you happy about life, you are an objectively bad person. Saku is a king among men, the heart and soul of whatever group he’s with, and an all around-class act. Also he plays hockey sometimes.

Saku will always be the reason I fell in love with hockey and one of the classiest athletes, ever. A lot of hearts were broken when he left, but unfortunately, not enough hearts as he deserved were broken. I like to think that true Montreal Canadiens fans understand the enormity of being the face of the organization and that Saku represented the Habs with unbelievable grace and class.

And tomorrow night, Le Petit Capitaine is coming home.

One of my favourite comments about Saku’s return came from one of the deviants, miscreants and degenerates that hang out at a dark, dark place called hockeybroads. I wish I remember which poster it was, but all I remember is that he was not a Habs fan. He said that Saku’s first act upon his return to Montreal should be to take a huge steaming dump in the pressbox.  His words, and I reserve comment.

There are too many Saku moments to name, so I’ll just go with one Kyle Roussel brought up. I had asked both Habs fans and non-Habs fans on Twitter what their thoughts on Saku were, and a number of Leafs fans and a couple of Senators fans promptly responded. I asked again and got more enemy responses… but no B’s fans.

“No Bruins?” I asked.
“They’re still reeling from ’02 [04?] when Saku, with busted up ribs put Thornton in his back pocket,” Kyle said.
“Hey, remember how fun that was? And how big Joe cried?” I replied.
“That was beyond fun because everyone made excuses for Thornton due to his injury. Saku’s was only revealed after owning him,” he reminded us.

Eat that, Bruins fans.

Much has been made of the effort to vote Saku the first star of the game, so he can skate out and say goodbye to the fans one last time. Honestly, I don’t care either way. If he plays terribly and some other players scores like a hat trick or something, I don’t think Saku himself would want to be named first star. That said, I applaud the sentiment behind the effort. Still, I don’t think that matters as much as the initial reception he gets from us.

And remember, I’ll be at the Bell Centre. If anyone boos Saku, I will find them and shiv them.

Also, some excellent reads (will be updated a few times, I think):

Marc Antoine Godin on Saku (in French)
Saku’s fight and legacy by Philippe Cantin (in French)
Pierre LeBrun of ESPN on Saku’s return (also check out the video he links at the end of the article)
Keep watching All Habs, too, because a Saku debate is on its way. I’ll also link it here when it’s up.

Finally, some of my five readers’ and a bunch of my sworn enemies’ thoughts on Koivu:

A couple from earlier this week:

And one from amanada11:  Re: Saku. He has more heart and more courage than any mere mortal should. He’s the captain in my heart and will always be.

My heart will always belong to Saku. I’m not really into personalizing jerseys with player names and numbers, but as soon as Saku retires, my little away Habs jersey is going to get Saku-ed. Why the away jersey? That’s the one he was wearing the day he came back, and I fell in love.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. January 21, 2011 11:55 am

    Standing ovation.

  2. SensDew19 permalink
    January 21, 2011 12:03 pm

    This video again…a beauty! I’m watching the game tomorrow just to see all the emotion from Saku and Habs faithful. Another great read 🙂 Go Koivu, you beat one of humanity’s worst enemies!

  3. Roberto permalink
    January 21, 2011 2:29 pm

    I remember the night he came back from Cancer, I went straight to the Bell Centre after class at Concordia in hopes to buy tickets from scalpers. Unfortunately the price was too high for me at the time. I ended up watching the game from the Cage Aux Sports at the Bell Centre, which was still a nice atmosphere, but certainly not the same. I feel that going to the game tomorrow night is a bit of redemption for myself, and am happy that I’ll be there to finally give him a proper ovation.

  4. habbykins permalink
    January 21, 2011 2:56 pm

    Enjoyed the article – although I am not a fan per se of the player I have enormous respect for him as an individual.

  5. Cliff permalink
    January 21, 2011 3:46 pm

    I still remember Koivu’s first season with the Habs. My dad had seen him play for TPS when he was in Finland and was so excited to have him on the Canadiens. Dad and I hadn’t watched a lot of hockey together up until that point, but we watched almost every game that season. Good times.

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