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Winter Classic Recap

January 2, 2011


Crosbechkin who? Great to see a guy like this become the story of the game

Version 1 – From the announcers

“Weather conditions comment, ice conditions comment, Crosby/Ovechkin “rivalry” mention, more weather conditions comments, FIGHT!, more ice conditions comments, players who were asked about weather conditions earlier said they don’t care about the weather, intermission, the rain has started, Crosby-Ovechkin “rivalry” talk, comments about how the rain will affect the ice conditions, Evgeni Malkin scores, how Malkin managed to score given the ice conditions, Mike Knuble scores, the rain is getting worse, Eric Fehr scores, the ice conditions are deteriorating even further, intermission, welcome back the ice is worse thanks to the weather, Eric Fehr scores, Crosby-Ovechkin “rivalry” talk, Ovechkin has a goal disallowed, the ice just looks terrible because of the weather, the Capitals win.”

Version 2 – from the fans in attendance

“I am cold, I am wet, I am drunk, I am at the Winter Classic, and you are not.”

Version 3 – from the viewers at home

“Complaints about the manufactured rivalry between Crosby and Ovechkin, complaints about NHL bias towards Pittsburgh, complaints about the time change, complaints about the rain, complaints about the ice conditions, complaints about the NHL having a Winter Classic at all, complaints about other viewers’ complaints about the ice conditions, complaints about the camera angles (from those watching the game on NBC), complaints about the announcers (from those watching on either channel), complaints about the fight, complaints about Damien Cox (from anybody who can see Damien Cox’s Twitter feed), complaints about Mike Milbury (from anybody who exists, basically) complaints about the NHL’s idea of intermission entertainment, complaints about the officiating, complaints about the goals, complaints about the teams switching ends in the middle of the third, complaints about the outcome of the game, complaints about the quality of the game…

I can’t wait till the next outdoor NHL game, outdoor games are so awesome!”

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  1. January 2, 2011 1:11 pm

    Truth, you speak it

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