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theactivestick Christmas Wishlist 2010 Edition

December 17, 2010


What have we got to complain about, Habs fans? The Canadiens just snapped their longest losing streak of the season – at three games. They are winning without Markov. It took 31 games for the Habs to let in more than 3 goals in regulation – they were the last team to do it. Their penalty kill is stellar. Carey Price is brilliant. So far, Brian Gionta, Michael Cammalleri, Scott Gomez and Andrei Kostitsyn have had periods where they’ve been struggling (sometimes all at once) and the Habs are still winning. Weber, Pacioretty, Subban, Eller, whatup.

Not much to complain about, but there are still 50 games to be played. Here’s this year’s Christmas Wishlist:

  • Jacques Martin should rotate his D a little more. Watching the Philly game with the All Habs crew, we talked about how with both PK and Weber at his disposal, instead of scratching one or the other, he should play them both for a while, and scratch one vet at a time and give them a break. It’s a long season and Josh Gorges is already taking a therapy day every other day and Hamrlik and Spacek look like they want in on that, too.
  • The Canadiens are the only team in the NHL that has yet to go to a shootout. Remember last year, when a large chunk of the season was saved by the shootout? And how over the summer the NHL decided to take a step towards sanity and reduced the importance of shootout wins when it comes to seeding-related tiebreakers? Yeah. So, like, no shootouts at all would be good. Impossible, but good.
  • Carey Price needs a little rest. As much as we want to think so, he is not like Martin Brodeur. He cannot play 70 or more games and be expected to get out of the first round of the playoffs, should the Habs make the playoffs. If you think so, Roberto Luongo and Miikka Kiprusoff might want a word with you. I don’t care how many softies Alex Auld let in against Toronto. If the Habs had not handed the zone to the Leafs on a silver platter topped with waffles, those two softies wouldn’t have happened in the first place.
  • And for Koivu’s sake, Habs fans, stop voting for Carey to be on the All-Star squad.
  • You know, only if you like playoffs.
  • Not Kovalev.
  • I would like for the Boston Bruins to disappear. Sometimes I forget how much I hate them. Then I go to a game against them. Everybody around me was cheering Cammalleri’s penalty shot goal and I found myself instead screaming unladylike things at Tim Thomas. I think I might need to see someone about this.
  • I wouldn’t want Gauthier to use the Markov LTIR cap space on anything until the trade deadline, to be honest. If each member of the team plays the way he’s supposed to (and many of them are not right now but the team’s still winning), the Habs won’t need another piece and they can use the deadline to rent someone that’ll give them a shot in the playoffs.
  • I think the Caps fans and Leafs fans should get together so the Leafs fans can teach the Caps fans to stop being such crybabies. It’s getting old. “Here’s how to be an asshole instead of a spoilt hypersensitive overgrown baby” should be the first lesson.
  • I would like for people to stop talking about PK Subban so much. Last I checked the team I cheer for was called the Montreal Canadiens, not the Montreal SubbaPrices (PriceBans?). I swear there are other players on the team. I swear.
  • For a fleeting moment the Habs appeared to have a transition game. I would like that to come back.
  • And on a personal note, my wishlist this year was covered in hockey jerseys, hockey tickets and hockey books. I’ve realised, however, that all I really want is to stop hearing about people being affected by cancer. The rest is just stuff, and I have plenty of that already.
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  1. December 17, 2010 11:15 am


    You’re right. Brian Rolston would be a much better fit than Kovalev 😉

  2. Harry M permalink
    December 17, 2010 11:29 am

    Brutal call by the refs on the PK by Calamari…No biggie as it’s a long season and the B’s are built to go deep into the playoffs.

    Hope all is well Active Stick. How about them Sox?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. December 17, 2010 12:03 pm

    I really hope Gauthier lands Kovalev.


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