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Where the Montreal Canadiens power play has gone

November 5, 2010

As with most things that are remotely related to the Montreal Canadiens, the team’s horrendous power play stats are discussed at least 57 times a day by the media and fans in Montreal. There’s obviously cause for concern, because a power play that used to be the Canadiens only chance at scoring goals bread and butter now seems to be competing hard to be dead last in the NHL. One could (and has, about 712 times since the beginning of the season) argue that the Canadiens would have been able to beat the Leafs, the Devils and the Blue Jackets had their PP only been functioning at a league average level. One could also argue that the Canadiens would have won those games had their 5-0n-5 play been better than beer league, but this is Montreal and we don’t listen to that kind of stuff.

So, where has the Habs power play gone? I have some ideas:

  • Glen Metropolit took it to Switzerland with him.
  • Gary Bettman outlawed it the second the Habs ousted the Penguins last playoffs.
  • Chris Pronger stole it and threw it in the trash last ECF.
  • The hockey gods got confused when they were mailing out packages this year and accidentally put the Montreal Canadiens’ address on the Ottawa Senators’ PP.
  • Also found in that package was a lump of coal.
  • Guillaume Latendresse is snacking on it.
  • It is protesting the gross overuse of Coldplay and U2 at the Bell Centre.
  • The PQ confiscated it because it doesn’t have enough of a French identity.
  • It’s waiting for a Leafs fan site to make an obnoxious counter before it can come out of its slump.
  • Like everything else, it doesn’t feel good enough for PK Subban so what’s the point?
  • I accidentally ran it over with my Mad Driving Skillz.
  • It conveniently stopped working just as the iPowerPlay Nano 4th generation is set to hit stores.
  • It’ll be back soon, it’s just messing with you because you’re fun to mess with.
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  1. Harry M permalink
    November 6, 2010 9:03 pm

    It is Carey Price fault. You guys blame him for everything else!

  2. Frank ( permalink
    November 7, 2010 5:10 pm

    Jacques Martin discovered that it required too much offensive pressure and creativity, so he decided to back off and rely on playing a more defensive style!

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