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I can rant on the radio just as good as the call-in crazies

September 27, 2010

Damn straight.

The awesome folks on The Team990’s The Franchise were kind enough to have me on again this weekend. I think Nick waits to hear that I’ll be out partying all night and then invites me on the show to talk Habs for the next morning. The first time they had me on was the morning after I’d been out for the Montreal Edition of my birthday (there was also a Toronto Edition). The second time, I’d been out all night in Toronto, and yesterday it was after I had been drinking and dancing all night at my cousin’s wedding (at which I was a bridesmaid). But as Nick said on the segment, when he told me last week that we could wait for another weekend if I felt that I would be too tired, I replied that I’d rather rant than rest.

So he and Gary let me. We talked about the Carey Price Preseason Booing Incident, my love for Christopher Higgins, and also whether The Situation from The Jersey Shore was a guest at the wedding. Here’s the podcast if you want to give it a listen (try to ignore the extent to which my voice was shot).

Partied out or not, I love talking to them. Big thanks to Gary, Nick, and Amanda for having me on, as always.

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