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A few thoughts and also some important stuff

June 23, 2010
  • Dear HHOF voters,
    All I have to say to you is what Joe (HockeyJoeGM) said to me: Just remember: we hate this decision, but you voters have to live with your decision for the rest of your lives.  Which, as you may or may not have managed to figure out, is a hell of a lot longer than Pat Burns will have to live with your decision. May you never get another night’s sleep. Ever again.
  • Actually, I have a lot more than that to say but every time I start thinking about it and Pat Burns’ family those really angry tears start welling up in my eyes. I rarely throw fits of rage. I’m more of a ‘quietly get out of the way but secretly hate you forever with all the fire I can possibly muster’ kind of person. But there is only one dress code that befits this: everybody’s got their best fit of rage on.
  • The Habs will open their season in Toronto and close their season in Toronto. I would not be opposed to obtaining tickets for either or both of those games, as well as any game that may be Saku’s first game back at the Bell Centre, and the closing home game against my Toews, and a good old-fashioned curbstomping of the Bruins, and when Drew Doughty comes to visit, and…  Hi, I’m theactivestick, and I am a hockey addict.
  • I love Plekanec. I really, really do. Like, really, really, really, do. But his contract is about two years too long and a million a year too wide. Good for him, though, and good for Gauthier, because despite my opinion on this contract, it’s a fucking bargain compared to what Pleks was going to get on July 1st.
  • Two nights ago I mentioned something on the Hockeenight Puckcast about the Habs not communicating with players during the season and in the weeks before July 1st regarding their plans. I had assumed Gauthier’s policy was going to be the same if not similar to Gainey’s, and I am incredibly happy to see that I was wrong.
  • More of you should be checking these guys out, by the way, because they are awesome in a can. Or box. Or bottle. Or whatever container you like best (me, I like a basket). The point is, go do it.
  • The one thing I forgot to say through all the jokes and vicious jabs at my fellow Habs fans, is that I am incredibly proud to be one of y’all. Not the looters, the rioters, the blackface-wearing idiots, the athem-booers or the Price-booers. I’m talking about the majority of you that aren’t as vocal as those idiots are, but that love our team without getting arrested, or offending anyone’s sense of dignity, or disrespecting any countries, or booing Price.
  • A good example of that latter group of Habs fans is Kyle Roussel, otherwise known as All Class. Okay, he isn’t known as All Class, cause let’s face it, there’s nothing cool about that nickname, but it’s a pretty fair description.
    Kyle is the Montreal “host” for a cross-country-food-drive-trip Canucks blogger Richard Loat is doing, called Five Hole For Food. Each stop features a hockey game that doubles as a food drive, and the Montreal one takes place next Tuesday, June 29th. I will be there. So will you. Here’s Kyle on the event, and Richard talking to metricjulie about it on the team990.
  • PS. You can win a hockey stick signed by the Montreal Canadiens. Yep. I thought so. I’ll see you there!
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  1. June 23, 2010 9:36 am

    Thanks so much for the plug and for the compliment! I’m SO glad you’re coming out to the utopic village of Notre Dame de l’Ile Perrot! Bringing your vuvuzela?

    As for Plekanec, I think we should consider it a bargain considering what our 2nd line would have looked like if Gauthier tried to look elsewhere. Eller is not ready, and trading assets to replace what you had is never a good strategy. Gauthier still has to address the size issue among the top 6 because I don’t think Kostitsyn or Pouliot are up to the challenge over the long haul.

    You’re right about the HHOF. They badly bungled the Pat Burns call. They could have made an exception quite easily. If they don’t plan on inducting Burns now while he’s alive to appreciate and enjoy it, they should leave him out forever. This is worse than the Habs delaying Robinson’s jersey retirement until after both of his parents passed away, even though everyone knew it was coming.

    I get why the league wants to open and close the season with Habs vs Leafs, but why are both in Toronto? Not that it’s a HUGE deal, but home ice advantage on either of those nights would have been helpful. I can easily envision game #82 being for 8th place, as it was this year. Why not keep mixing it up as they did this year?

  2. June 23, 2010 9:38 am

    By the way, great work on the podcast…you didn’t sound nervous at all! You’re a natural!

  3. June 23, 2010 12:49 pm

    I’m with Kyle on Pleks. Maybe one too many years on the contract, but the dollar amount makes sense considering the lack of available centres on the market this off-season. The biggest comparison has been made to Ryan Kesler, who was able to score the exact same contract for the Canucks. Personally I’d rather have Pleks than Kesler in spite of Kesler’s Selke trophy nomination, which I really don’t agree with.

    And on Burnsy, I want him in the HHoF too but Greg Wyshynski has a very good counter argument at Puck Daddy,250687

    While I disagree with him on Burns (I think that what he has accomplished does make him a great coach) I’m with him on not feeling too bad about the class itself. None of the players involved were ever elite. And maybe two or three were great (Gilmour, Bure and maybe Nieuwendyk). We’ve diminished the HHoF to the point that it’s seen as almost a right, as opposed to the privilege/honour that it is.

    Oh, and go Germany this afternoon!


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