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Flyers – Habs Game 2: I have seen this movie before. I know how it ends.

May 19, 2010

This series: you know when you have a piece of popcorn kernel stuck between two teeth and you can’t find any dental floss anywhere?

A slightly-darker-haired theactivestick got home in time to see the second and third periods of this game, so I’m not entirely sure how the first one went, but here are your bullet points anyway:

  • Shut out twice in a row despite outshooting their opponent? Ça ne sent pas la coupe, Habs fans.
  • This reeks of 2008, minus Biron standing on his head. Leighton hasn’t been busy  and he’s seen each and every shot the Habs have directed his way.
  • I don’t know if Chris Pronger’s got any daughters, but good luck to their future boyfriends.
  • What’s most alarming is not that the Habs are unable to score, nor that they are buying property and putting down roots in the penalty box, but that they have suddenly become porous. Who is clearing the crease? Is anyone blocking shots? Why are the Flyers able to do what Crosby and Malkin couldn’t?
  • I don’t know if it was CBC or TSN that pointed out the the Flyers have figured Halak out. It’s not that they know something the other two teams didn’t… it’s just that the other two teams had people between them and Halak’s high-blocker-side area.
  • That said, Halak was the furthest thing from brilliant last night.
  • Why wasn’t O’Byrne playing, again?
  • Just imagine what the Flyers are going to look like when Laperriere and Jeff Carter come back.
  • Yes, everybody on the internet, now we know how the Penguins and Caps fans feel.
  • Philadelphia: where Grace Kelly was from. Oh, and…
  • You know who I miss? Derian Hatcher. lolz.
  • The penalty box seems to be Scott Gomez’s happy place as of late. IT ALWAYS RESULTS IN A GOAL ASKJLFKDJSKSALKJDSKJF
  • Why the hell wasn’t O’Byrne playing?
  • Okay, JM tried the SK74 thing. It didn’t work. Now let’s try O’Byrne.
  • O’Byrne O’Byrne O’Byrne O’Byrne.
  • I decided to change the appearance of the blog a little bit, as a first step to making it look…not like a term paper. Check out these “bullet points.” Yeah how do I fix this?
  • These Habs made us believe they could do it… how’s your faith, Habs fans?
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  1. May 19, 2010 9:52 am

    My faith today? Still day-to-day. But I can tell you where it will be in 48 hours from now if the Canadiens lose game 3. I can also safely say that I will really want to strangle and maim anybody who runs around touting that if the Habs came back vs the Caps and the Pens, and if the Flyers came back from 0-3 vs the Bruins, then the Habs can do it, too. I can’t take that kind of faith and optimism!

    But I’ve figured out that if the Canadiens continue to cut down goals against by 3 each game, they’ll be ok on Thursday. Of course, if they could double their goal output that would ensure victory. What? Doubling their goal output would still equal nothing? Whoops.

    I don’t know what Martin is thinking by scratching Pouliot, only to give Sergei less than 5 minutes. Is this just to say that he tried mixing things up and it didn’t work? As for O’Byrne, yes, he should have been in the lineup 2 games ago. Would he have helped? Absolutely. But instead of losing 6-0 and 3-0, we probably would have lost 5-0 and 2-0, at best.

    I also find it very very curious that nobody is talking about the combined goal output of Gomez, Plekanec and AK46 over the past 10+ games. Melnick touched on it yesterday afternoon. CBC talked about it last night. But fans on blogs and twitter seem to be afraid to go there. I have no idea why. Sure, they’ve each done some other things well (though winning faceoffs hasn’t been one of them), but as Melnick said, these contributions are all but worthless at this point. They need to put the puck in the effing net!

    The Habs have 2 scoring lines. That’s 6 forwards. 5 if you knock off Tom Pyatt, who is not close to a top 6 forward in terms of talent. Cammalleri and Gionta have scored 19 of the Canadiens 39 goals in the playoffs, so they’re doing their job. If AK46, Plekanec and Gomez are going to be allowed to get off the hook without scoring ANY goals, then we all need to have our heads checked.

  2. May 19, 2010 12:53 pm

    Here’s my two cents because I’m way too busy today to blog on my own site: The answer to the Habs problems has not been sitting in the press box. The reason the team is getting worked, IMO, is because Philly has the perfect team with the perfect game plan for shutting down the Canadiéns.
    There is no perfect adjustment for the Habs because when the opposition is using the perfect game plan to match your group, it doesn’t matter what Montreal does to counter, it’s still just larger men keeping smaller men to the outside.
    We just did this to two teams so it should be no surprise. The reason the Flyers are handing the Habs their ass versus Wash and Pitt keeping those series tight the whole way is those teams still had the Ovy’s, Backstrom’s, Crosby’s, Malkin’s and etc’s while we have Cammalleri and Gionta. I LOVE them, but let’s be real.
    I can honestly say I’m afraid the boys won’t score a goal, let alone win one. Am I saying I’ve lost faith or don’t believe in the team? Absolutely not. I just figure, we’re playing hockey on May 19, which is outrageous enough. Who am I to ask for anything else? We all – including me, I’m not trying to pass this off – started to think big after that last series but in all reality, 8 wins is not even close to a Cup run. Who are we to think the 8 seed really could do it unless we were watching them nurse a two-goal lead with two min left in the Cup-clinching game?
    EVERYONE associated with this team as a fan got ahead of themselves at least on a subconscious level and so it’s natural to be upset at what we are seeing. I hated the first two games too. But waking up today I realized it’s 27 degrees out and I’m watching the Habs still. And I SO shouldn’t be. So if there are just two games left in this season, I plan to simply enjoy the fact they are in the greatest building, in front of the greatest fans.
    Look at it this way, if we think of this series the way we were when the playoffs started, we can only be pleasantly surprised when we are wrong. If we expect this 8 seed to all of sudden be able to beat every comer, big and small, then we are just asking for misery.
    Good luck Habs, either way it’s been one to remember!

    • May 19, 2010 1:06 pm

      I agree with your points…in theory. The Canadiens “shouldn’t” be here. But they are, and I don’t view this as bonus hockey. I view this as a golden opportunity to play for the Stanley Cup. We have not been this close in 17 years, and like you said, 8 wins is not even close. That in itself is sad and ought to make ALL Habs fans want this badly. It could take another 17 years to get to this point again. I completely reject the argument that it’s been fun while it lasted and if it ends, it ends. I’ll always be proud of the team for knocking off 2 powerhouses, and I’ll keep the newspaper clippings forever. I love Cammy and Gio, Gorges and Halak. They’re terrific and they’ve shown guts like we haven’t seen in Montreal in many years. I’m not willing to watch it all slip away to some journeyman goaltender who barely draws an NHL paycheck.

      At the end of the day, it is sunny and warm in Montreal and it will continue to be so, regardless of whether the Habs win or lose. So I’ve got to remain grounded amidst all this, but I didn’t think we’d be so ready to surrender and squander what’s right in front of us for the taking.

      • May 19, 2010 1:55 pm

        I’m not necessarily ready to surrender it I’m simply at a point where I felt pissy that it could be over and wondered why EXACTLY that is. I totally agree that in part it’s due to the rarity of the situation and not taking advantage of a golden opportunity. BUT no one can convince me the reactions of media and fans after a 0-2 start isn’t in part due to the 7-seed label attached to Philly.
        We are all pissed because after knocking off the 1 seed and the defending champs everyone figure they would dispose of Philly one way or another and get to the final. But as I said in my own blog before the series, Philly and their fans feel the same way and so something has to give.
        We didn’t just get through those two rounds in the way we did to all of a sudden not try, and make bad decisions. Philly is forcing this on Montreal, plain and simple. Our level of compete – as Cammy would say – has not changed. Our level of competition has.
        I just decided to treat this as a ‘spade is a spade’ situation.
        The better team is winning right now but at least we’re still here. And the boys better NOT take my attitude or I’ll chastise them all summer but I, as a fan, believe they don’t owe me squat. And so I’ve just decided to enjoy them while I can and not worry about who plays or doesn’t play.
        After all, I seem to live in a world where Hamrlik isn’t regarded as the worst defenseman in the universe and so if that douche plays, what the hell am i going to complain about anyone else for. Bahahaha.
        On a serious note, IF the Habs could somehow get a GD lead in a game, we could do to Philly what they have done to us. I won’t be cheering any less loud because I’ve decided to stay positive. Christ, I broke a $1,000 TV last freakin’ series in a game we ended up winning. Believe me, I want this thing as much as anyone. Lol

  3. Number31 permalink
    May 19, 2010 9:57 pm


    And the Flyers are evil. They also have an evil video coach that finds everything and forces their guys to memorize the tapes. EVUL.


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