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Conference finals predictions: the ‘I’m dying’ edition

May 16, 2010

Eastern Conference Final:

7. Cinderella team 1 vs 8. Cinderella team 2:

I… really don’t know. It’s hard to believe either of these teams can’t win after the postseason they’ve had. Philly absolutely terrifies me, and not just because Carcillo is ugly. I don’t know if I’d want to go up against a team that just came back from a 3-0 series deficit, or Chris Pronger any time, or Danielle Briere at the Bell Centre, or Mike Richards skating up the middle of the ice, or Scott Hartnell’s hair, or Simon Gagne in the clutch… yeah this team scares me way more than Pittsburgh did. I think that if Philly limits their criminally injuring of opposing players to just Benoit Pouliot or something, the Habs have a good shot. Otherwise the Flyers are just going to keep maiming and murdering Habs until they get their way. Still… if the Habs can skate around the Flyers… yeah. I really don’t know. MAN I wish the Habs were tougher, and that Sergei hadn’t been kicked off the team… he’s the only player the Habs have that’s remotely as crazy as the Flyers are.

Prediction: ???

Western Conference Final:

1. San Jose vs 2. Chicago

I’ve had a huge crush on the Blackhawks since Jonathan Toews’ NHL debut. Before the Habs made it past the first round, I really wanted Chicago to go all the way. How I want this series to turn out depends on how the Eastern Conference series turns out. If the Habs win, I want them to face San Jose, the lesser of two evils. If the Habs don’t win, I want Chicago to win the cup. I wouldn’t trust Nabokov as far as I could throw him, especially not with the likes of Byfuglien in his crease, so I’m going with the Blackhawks.

Prediction: Blackhawks in 6

Food poisoning vs theactivestick

It’s currently kicking my ass, but I’m scrappy like the Habs and I think I’ll come out on top of this after my desire to kill myself subsides.

Prediction: theactivestick in 5

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  1. Number31 permalink
    May 16, 2010 3:10 pm

    Release the Price. Maybe he’ll bite someone. CHOMP!


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