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Pens-Habs Game 1: What a waste of a perfectly good playoff game

May 1, 2010

That game can only be described as “ugh.”

It was a rout that had all the excitement of a 1-goal trapfest. Very, very underwhelming. Montreal was understandably asleep. Pittsburgh? Also asleep, but that’s a little less understandable. Despite the fact that they scored a million goals, that game was the least exciting game I’ve seen the Penguins play in a long time. No wonder their fans didn’t get into the game until their ten thousandth power play goal.


Markov… ouch. That hurts a lot and a half. If there was no chance in hell Montreal was going to win this series before he awkwardly tumbled all over the ice, now there’s even less. The hit was clean though, and Markov tried to preempt it… Not the greatest of decisions.

I will of course be sacrificing a couple of Bruins fans (feel free to do your part) in the hopes that it will bring Markov back for this series, but since that game was a wash to begin with, the silver lining is that PK Subban got some valuable experience trying to play the lead role as an offensive D.

Let’s talk about some things and try to be positive (otherwise we will be driven to drink at 11 am):

  • PK Subban, for an NHLer so green he was celebrated on Earth Day, has been playing very impressively since his playoff call-up. Of course, there have been a few mistakes, but he’s been doing just fine. Like, NHL fine. Maybe he can be next year’s Tyler Myers and everyone will get sick of hearing about him all the goddamn time, Pierre McGuire.
  • The Penguins look beatable. If the Habs can stay out of the box.
  • I have so much respect for Bob Cole, and not a lot for Don Cherry, but they are clearly going senile. Is it awful that I sometimes find them funny?
  • Halak bounces back well from being pulled. That said, he should have been pulled earlier, the poor little guy was probably desperately in need of a rest.
  • Price’s save % that game? 1.00.
  • The Habs have had some tremendous penalty-killing this season (including against the Pens) and playoffs and there is no reason they can’t adjust and get it back. This was only the first game.
  • Again, Habs, for the love of all that is good and holy in this world, learn to throw some hits.
  • And if you can’t do that, at least stop letting the Penguins paint the boards with you.
  • If the Habs rest up right tonight and tomorrow (which they won’t cause they’re professional athletes and I’m sure Pittsburgh has some frat parties or something they can crash), they’ll have a little more jump in Game 2 and we’ll probably have a better feel for how the series is going then.
  • Matt Cooke’s clean hits seem to be more devastating than his dirty plays.
  • Flippy Floppy Fleury is better than the Capitals’ goalies… but probably the Penguins’ weakest link.
  • Guillaume Latendresse is fat.
  • Also, CBC, we get it. Mellon Arena is old.
  • Gotta love how Scott Gomez jumped right at Matt Cooke after he hit Markov. Yeah it’s a penalty and yeah it resulted in a goal but what a team guy… he did it a couple of times in the Caps series too, jumping at Tom Poti to try and give his team some momentum. Remember when the Habs traded for him and people were concerned that he’s not great in the locker-room? Yeah.
  • Also, hilarious: Ryan O’Byrne smiling sweetly at Matt Cooke as he facewashed him.
  • Also, Mike Cammalleri, thank you for not signing in Toronto.
  • Speaking of Toronto, it’s May… and the Habs are still playing hockey.
  • Time to go play with my preemptive post-mortem post… hey, it worked the last time.
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  1. therangersfan permalink
    May 1, 2010 10:51 am

    1. I don’t like Jordan Staal. At aall.

    2. Floppy won’t come anywhere near Luongo in floppage. He does win for looking the most like gay-Sonic-the-hedgehog, however.

    3. They only started calling Mellon Arena old after they were sure a new igloo was in the works. After Mellon Arena is gone, the oldest building in the league will be… Madison Square Garden.

  2. Number31 permalink
    May 1, 2010 10:52 am

    What a terrible night for a curse…

  3. May 1, 2010 9:58 pm

    This was an awesome summary. Makes me feel like I was there, because this is exactly what I would’ve been paying attention to.


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