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Captain Blye and the Rabbi – Episode 22

April 15, 2010

Even though I still don’t actually know what a podcast is for, I had a lot of fun guesting on one with two of the rowdy guys I went to Saturday night’s game with.

Here’s Episode 22 of Captain Blye and the Rabbi, a show in which my friends Dave and Ethan discuss hockey and also there’s an obnoxious buzzer.

In this episode, all three of us talked about Saturday’s game and a little bit about the Toronto Maple Leafs (Dave, by the way, is apparently really, really, really not as enamoured with my evil nemesis as I am), and then the guys went on to talk about their playoff predictions. Also, if you want to know how I became a Habs fan and you don’t want to wait for the epic offseason blogpost, listen to the podcast because we talk about that too.

A little bit about Dave and Ethan:

I met Dave in 2005 when he needed my help to finagle press credentials for him for the CPC Founding Convention. He’s a big Colorado Avalanche fan and hates the Leafs, probably because he grew up in Toronto. He’s always been on my side of the Habs-Leafs rivalry although he’s pretty much become one of us now.  He even bought a Beliveau sweater a couple of weeks ago and wore it to the game on Saturday. Also, we both love the Gunners.

I met Ethan on Saturday. When I invited Dave to the game I meant for his girlfriend to come, but she’s been busy with exams so Dave asked if he could bring Ethan, a life-long Habs fan in Southern Ontario who, I believe, had never been to a Habs game before Saturday. At least not one at the Bell Centre. Anyway. Like any Habs fan in Southern Ontario, he really, really, really hates the Leafs and their fans. As you will be able to tell.

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