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Apparently there’s some sort of hockey game on today…

February 28, 2010

I already put up a warning on facebook. If Canada doesn’t win this game, steer clear of me for a good two, three months.

I don’t think I’ve been this pumped for a hockey game in my entire adult life. Remember that I cheer for the Habs.

Canada has tied the record for most Gold medals won by a single nation at a  Winter Olympic Games.

Canada has broken the record for most Gold medals won by a host nation at a Winter Olympic Games.

Canada has broken its own total medal count record at a Winter Olympic Games.

Our girls brought home the Gold in hockey, Alex Bilodeau and Maelle Ricker made history, Jon Montgomery and Scott and Tessa and a blueberry farmer from Quebec captured our hearts winning Gold and Kevin Martin and Sexy John Morris made us become interested in curling long enough to watch them win the latest Gold medal for Canada.

And… will any of that matter if our hockey team doesn’t win?

Of course it will. Those are accomplishments our athletes should be incredibly proud of. We should be proud of them for what they’ve done in Vancouver. And sadly those accomplishments will be completely overshadowed by the disappointment in our hockey team if they don’t win.

If Canada doesn’t win Gold, by tonight the headlines will be all about “What went wrong?” “Stevie Y picked the wrong players, coaching staff, etc” “National Shame” “National disappointment” instead of all the other athletes we should be proud of and what I feel was a very successful Games.

So listen up, Crosby and Bobby Lou and Pronger and Patrice Bergeron (seriously, WTF, Stevie?). As if you weren’t under enough pressure to not let yourselves, your coaches and management, your families, your nation and that Coca Cola ad down, do not disgrace your fellow athletes with a loss to an inferior team with a hotter goalie. Yeah, I said it. Inferior. Deal.

In conclusion: May the better team win. That team is Canada. And if they do win, you might steer clear of me for a good two to three hours because I will be yelling and screaming until I lose my voice.


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  1. February 28, 2010 2:08 pm

    Well written! GO CANADA GO! Crosby for the winner!

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