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Canada’s hockey girls

February 26, 2010

These ladies bring home Gold for the third Olympics in a row, against their biggest (only?) rivals, with a rookie scoring the only two goals, a goalie shutting the door completely, and all we can talk about is the celebratory beer they had?


The lovely and talented Chemmy from PPP noted, “If I won gold in Vancouver I’d smoke a two-pound joint at Centre Ice.”

And all those critics out there will never even come close to winning anything at an Olympics so how do they know that their reactions would be “better”?

Maybe it was a mistake to let little Marie Philippe Poulin have a drink in British Columbia where the drinking age is a draconian 19, but other than that, I don’t see what the big deal was.

We’re Canadian chicks. We play hockey (not me, personally, I don’t know how to skate backwards, although that never stopped Hal Gill). We win hockey games. And then we have a beer and pass around a cigar. We’re as countryass hick as it gets and damn proud. Please note that we’re probably still more ladylike than the rest of you.

And I guarantee you if Canada, the US or Slovakia boozes it up after winning Gold on Sunday nobody will bat an eyelash cause they’re boys.

A couple of side notes from last night:

The American women were understandably inconsolable. So when the 4 per cent of Americans in the crowd started chanting “USA! USA!” when they were awarded their medals, the ENTIRE arena filled with Canadians joined in.

One of the Finnish ladies held up her hand on which she had written “Thank You Vancouver” and drawn a little heart. As the camera panned from Finn to Finn, they thanked Vancouver and blew kisses. The athletes, the people that matter, loved their experience here. SUCK IT, BRITISH MEDIA.

The Canadian boys were all in attendance, cheering on their counterparts. But after Canada won the camera fell on them and I swear there was a look of sheer panic on their faces. Play your hearts out and you’ll be fine, boys.


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  1. maverick permalink
    February 26, 2010 6:44 pm

    Okay these girls did nothing wrong , so what? they decided to celebrate on the ice ! they brought home GOLD to Canada? so why tear them down and ruin the moment !? I do not see why the media is spotting out these Canadian girls just because they decided to have a beer lol that is such a typical media thing to do! But don’t we have something better to do then pick on innocent Canadians. I find this funny because I think they are just spotting out them because they are girls. That is a sexest thing to do.

  2. maverick permalink
    February 26, 2010 6:49 pm

    WE ARE SO PROUD OF THE CANADIANS , EVEN IF THEY NEVER BROUGHT HOME (GOLD) ❤ 😉 now lets all show our support Canada! and show these other countries what we can do 😀 ( PROUD TO BE CANADIAN ) !!!!!!!

  3. Harry M permalink
    February 26, 2010 11:52 pm

    Party on ladies and feel free to blow the smoke on the British media!

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