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theactivestick Christmas Wish List

December 24, 2009

Apparently I have to stop watching Habs games – the Habs are on a 3-0 Halak win streak when I am not watching. How does Pouliot look?

Here’s my Christmas Wish List (please note that the Markov wish I had was delivered early):

1. A Tomas Plekanec Extension (If you haven’t read Eric Engels’ bit on the Plek, do it now now now now)
2. For Benoit Brunet to be replaced by Maggie the Monkey on RDS.
3. Tickets to the Jan 23rd NYR at Habs game – seriously, let me know if you know anyone who’s selling theirs.
4. For the LA Kings and Colorado Avalanche to continue surprising the hell out of people. May they steal Vancouver’s playoff spot and make their douchebag fans cry.
5. Chris Higgins’ phone number.
6. For the Habs not to trade any goaltenders just yet.
7. For the Philadelphia Flyers to stop sucking.
8. Less Habs penalties oh my God.
9. A Marty Brodeur hug. You know… cause he’s Fat.
10. For Big Joe Thornton to learn how not to choke sometime between now and the Olympics please kthx.

Also, somebody kidnap Markov so he can’t play Toronto on Boxing Day.

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  1. December 24, 2009 6:23 pm

    1. I’ve heard Pleky can’t be offered a new contract til Jan 1.
    2. Maggie is like 90 in human years… getting her back will be as easy as taking a donut away from The Honourable Jacques Demers.
    3. I got nothin left…

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