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Postgame 34: Penalty parade on l’avenue des Canadiens de Montreal

December 15, 2009

Told you Andrei Kostitsyn would bringerate it against Buffalo. Maybe this means Belarus will eliminate the USA in the Olympics. Also, fuck Ryan Miller, that fucking crybaby.

Anyway, the Habs pretty much screwed themselves, just like they did in Atlanta. Two winnable games, two blown leads, two incredibly unnecessary Ls, and like a million unnecessary penalties.

Up next: Fat Marty Brodeur breaks Terry Sawchuk’s shutout record against the Habs in New Jersey. You know it’s gonna happen, I know it’s gonna happen, Fat Marty knows it’s going to happen, and the Habs know it’s going to happen.

(Sidebar: People think I hate Fat Marty Brodeur because I keep calling him Fat Marty Brodeur. On the contrary. I absolutely love him, except when he’s stoning the Habs, which is whenever he plays the Habs. Not only do I think he’s wonderful, but it also makes my blood boil when people think Luongo is anywhere near as good, and that’s a rant for another day. Still, I like to call him Fat. It’s a term of endearment.)

Game 34 Gionta love: AK46, honorable mention to Plekanec and Cammalleri on that awesome play, which is so awesome it totally blew your mind.

Dishonorable mention: Pierre et Benoit acting like MAB orchestrated it. I would give mini-props to MAB’s decision-making on that powerplay, but that’s about it.

Andrei Markov: will not magically save the Habs. But he will make them better than they currently are, along with Brian Gionta.

Unnecessary Penalties: are the new Neutral Zone Turnovers. Make it stop make it stop make it stop.

Goalie Guessing Game: Hi, my name is Carey, Fat Martin Brodeur is my idol to the point where I was fat just like him during my rookie season, and I would love nothing more than to foil his hopes of breaking the record against the Habs.

Chris Higgins Career Watch: Can he stay out of the penalty box? If so, can we have him back?

Jason Pominville: looks like a garden gnome.

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  1. December 15, 2009 9:30 pm

    You’re right. Pominville does look like a garden gnome.

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