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Game 34 – Ryan Miller is the new pink – Buffalo Sabres at Montreal Canadiens December 14

December 14, 2009

Not a fan of Mondays, I gotta say. Hockey makes them marginally better but only if the Habs play well.

Nothing like a four-point game to get the week going, plus that 6-2 drubbing that needs to be avenged. Ryan Miller is so hot right now it’s ridiculous. Still,  I would strongly suggest to Lindy Ruff that, since the Habs only take, like, four shots a game, he rest his Number 1 tonight.

Three questions:

1. Remember last year, when Ryan Miller pulled a Sidney and went crying to the officials?
2. Do you remember what it was about or do you just remember calling him Cryin Miller for the next little while?
3. How much love do we not have for Patrick Kaleta?

Three predictions:

1. Andrei Kostitsyn will score. He will, I know it. For some reason he just isn’t about Buffalo.
2. MAB will cause me to throw things at my TV until he scores the winning goal.
3. There will be good news on Markov and Gionta today.

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  1. December 15, 2009 12:35 am

    Hey look! Miller went crying to the ref again. Probably afraid of Andrei Kostitsyn burning him on the powerplay a second time. Ohhh he did. YoMamaWeen!

    Facepalm loss. Sabres got lucky the Habs can’t keep their sticks on the ice. And that Derek Roy’s a wimp.

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