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Postgame 33: Carey’s consolation prize

December 13, 2009

You dominate a team for almost half the game then completely give up control for the rest of it, you don’t deserve the OT loser point. As it were, Carey did some spectacular work and he deserved that one point almost by himself.

You know what would be nice? If the Canadiens could play in the offensive zone once in a while.You know, take some shots.

That game was so winnable, it’s not even funny. And yet… the Habs did not win it.

Across the Outaouais, Alex Kovalev scored his 398th, 399th and 400th goals. In Atlanta, Andrei Kostitsyn scored his 57th and 58th. I was desperately, desperately hoping for a 59th. AK27 took four shots and scored on three. AK46 took two shots and scored on both.

Game 33 Gionta love: Carey, of course. AK2746, aka Mr. I’m-going-to-steal-the-puck-and-do-some-ballerina-moves-past-these-pesky-defensemen-on-my-way-to-a-goal. Plekanec, too, but that’s almost a given. The PK went 33 for 33 before Ilya Kovalchuk scored the OT winner with 3 seconds to go in the 34th PK.

Andrei Markov:

Markov the Builder

Please say you can fix it!

Goalie Guessing Game: They might as well just alternate games because whoever’s in there is basically going be under fire for a whole hour. And that? Can be exhausting. Time for another open letter?

Chris Higgins Career Watch: NYR lost to Buffalo, which of course isn’t good for our Habs. Even though his name isn’t on the scoresheet, Higgy played well from what I can gather from a quick survey of NYR writers.

Grr: Leafs beat Caps 6-3

Drunk: The camera operator(s) in Atlanta.

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  1. December 13, 2009 8:44 pm

    An Open Letter to the Montreal Canadiens.

    This is Carey and Jaro, your trusty netminders. We hereby announce that we’re going on strike until you all can score 5 goals, hit a lot of people, shoot twice as much as the other team, and decide to play defense for 60 minutes instead of watching us bail you out nightly. I know we can be spectacular, but we’re hoping you can be spectacular too. And it’s hard enough to play goal, but now we’re pretty much doing your jobs too.

    (This is Jaro) Jaro don’t like orange. Philly smells.

    (This is Carey) If only they’d let me go past the blue line, I’d get a fucking hat trick!

    So ya, start playing hockey like a team before this is call the Montreal Goaltenders. Merci.

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