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Blue cashmere sweater. Like, really nice.

December 1, 2009

So I was gallivanting around the Northeast this weekend, as you may well know.

Started out with a connecting flight through Toronto. And The Saviour was on it.

It’s not as exciting as I keep making it sound, but if you’d like the story in texts-and-tweets format, keep reading.

theactivestick: I’m sitting across a boarding gate from Andrei fucking Markov right now. I want to go talk to him but some dude just accosted him and I’d be breaking my no harassment rule.

therangersfan: Cell-phone camera?

theactivestick: Have my real one. Not about to take one without permission but if I get up the courage to ask in the next ten I’ll let you know. Hoping he’s on my flight but prob just hiding at a quiet gate.

theactivestick: Damn it he got up and left.

theangrybanana: How does he smell. Where is he going?

theactivestick: I shit you not. He was on my first flight to Toronto. On Porter. He’s my favourite player and I didn’t have the guts to say hi 😦 You can’t really smell him from a mile away but I can confirm he is free of hockey stank.

therangersfan: What did he smell like? Prom cologne?

theactivestick: Well. He’s Russian. So a tad too much. But something nice. He was wearing a light blue cashmere sweater. Walking somewhat slowly but otherwise normally. New Year return!

therangersfan: Ugh. You would have been my hero if you’d blown him in the lavatory. What are you doing in Toronto, incidentally?

theangrybanana: I expect hourly updates on his activities in TO

theactivestick: That’s nice but I’m boarding a flight to Boston. I can tell you three things. He declined a snack but did have black tea. He was wearing an extremely nice blue cashmere sweater under his extremely nice coat. He was walking cautiously but pretty normally. Yay! I should be called

theactivestick: You will never ever believe who was on my first flight to Toronto.

HarryM: Roy Halladay coming to town [Boston]?

theactivestick: Andrei fucking Markov. I shit you not. Don’t know what he’s doing in Toronto.

HarryM: Small World! Is he ever coming back?

theactivestick: Possible Jan return.

HarryM: You guys will be mathematically eliminated by then.

theactivestick: How’s Lucic?

LR: T or F: Markov flew the mile-high club.

theactivestick: Sadly no. The air hostesses were busy. I didn’t even have the balls to do more than smile and mouth “hi.”


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