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Game 13 – TOW Ross’s List – Montreal Canadiens at Chicago Blackhawks October 30

October 29, 2009

Holy shit is Stamkos amazing now that he’s grown out of his “awkward 9th-grader” phase.


Carey finally gets to start tomorrow night in Chicago. Way to set the guy up to fail. If last night’s Canadiens show up to tomorrow’s game, Carey’s goals against average is going to end up at 6.59.

Martin apparently did a bunch of swearing today before switching up his lines a little bit.

Cammy with Plekanec? I love it. Yeah, splitting up the top line bla bla bla but Plekanec needs a linemate to go with his game before he turns around and starts regressing back to the epic suckage from last year.

Andrei with Gomez and Gionta? Not so much. Either they’re going to elevate Andrei’s game or he’s going to drag them down.

Love the Blackhawks. Any Original Six matchup, I can get on board with.

Three Questions:

1. What the fuck was up with that Huet contract?
2. What the fuck was up with that Hossa contract?
3. What the fuck was up with those RFA contracts?

(Incidentally Huet’s starting tonight so we probably won’t see him in goal tomorrow)

Three Predictions:

1. The Habs will play a little harder this game.
2. 20-Cent (more commonly known as “Twenny”) will score two goals.
3. Brian Gionta , now with 90% less giveways!

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