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Game 11 – You again – New York Islanders at Montreal Canadiens October 26

October 26, 2009

Is the scheduling always this excellent during Olympic Break years?

Hope the Habs don’t sit back, the Isles were up on the Caps 2-0 Saturday night until the universe corrected itself.

Three reasons this isn’t going to be a walk in the park for the Habs:

1. Pierre McGuire’s crush on John Tavares will tell you he’s not going to be held to half a shot again.
2. Habs might not take them seriously enough at first, which will cost them.
3. I fully expect Carey to start and he hasn’t played in  forever.

Three questions:

1. How fucking awesome is Brian Gionta?
2. How many pucks will MAB give up this time?
3. Can anyone remember the last time Josh Gorges made a costly mistake, or any noticeable mistake at all? Cause I can’t.

Three predictions:

1. The Habs are going to give up the lead to the Isles just like the Caps did (don’t worry, they’ll get it back).
2. Gui will score a goal.
3. Chris Higgins will be in the pressbox. Wait, wrong team…
3a. Streit will score a goal. And it will be pretty.

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