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Game 10 – This is not a drill – New York Rangers at Montreal Canadiens October 24

October 24, 2009

If you’ve read this blog since the season started you’ll know I have a little crush on the New York Rangers.

Why, you ask, when so many love to hate on the Blueshirts?

Like most crushes, it’s hard to explain this mini-infatuation. Maybe it’s because I love New York so much. Maybe it’s because I love Chris Higgins so much. Maybe it’s the Original Six Team That Is Not Toronto Or Boston thing. Maybe it’s the seven-game streak, the Maple Leaf beatdowns, the game I went to, Del Zotto, King Henrik, Gaborik, the fact that I’ve come around about the Gomez trade, the fact that Tortorella is a walking media circus, the fact that Madison Square Garden is The World’s Most Famous Arena!

Anyway. If they beat the Habs tonight my crush on them is so over.

Welcome Back: Christopher Higgins

The guy’s in an awful slump, and his haircut is kind of ridiculous. I’d still take him back, any time, any day, in a heartbeat. One thing’s for sure, he’s not gonna get the kind of welcome Alex Kovalev got. I hope the Bell Centre fans don’t jeer or boo him. Last thing Higgins did before he got traded was work his ass off for Montreal in the playoffs. And also, he didn’t choose to get traded. And also, we should thank him for the return he got. And also, I love him.

Still, tonight’s not the night for him to break out of his slump.

The Habs barely beat a so-so team in the Thrashers and convincingly beat a crappy team in the Islanders, and now we get to see if they can beat a “real” team. And by “real” I mean “good team that is not Pittsburgh, Washington, or Philly, teams the current incarnation of the Habs have no hope of beating.” A real test.

Three questions:

1. Will the Habs PP continue to improve?
2. Will Gui wake the fuck up already everybody else has?
3. Who’s going to be the first to score against their former team: Gomez, Mara, Higgins, am I forgetting someone?

Three predictions:

1. Gaborik will lay a hit on Andrei Kostitsyn, and for the first time in his career, someone else will get injured.
2. Max Lapierre and Sean Avery will get into a turtling contest.
3. We will find out the answer to #1 above when Higgins takes a dumb penalty.

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  1. October 24, 2009 10:34 am

    I swear… My brother and I went to the Habs store to buy a shirt ’cause he finally decided to get a player shirt. They were on sale since it was around draft day. So he nabs himself the Higgy shirt and I go “watch he finally gets traded”. We loves the Higgy.

    Next day he was traded. FRACK!

    Though I gotta say, I’m warming up to Gomez and I’m in love with Tommy Pyatt. Sorry Higgy! Please don’t score on us!

  2. theactivestick permalink*
    October 24, 2009 11:18 am

    I miss him 😦

    But I’m not too upset about the return.

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