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Un Bon Pickle

October 21, 2009

Remember that stupid Molson Ex “Bon Serge” commercial from last season?

And how, at the Bell Centre, they had this version of the ad that said something like “Parce qu’un Bon Serge peut aussi s’appeller Sergei”?

Yeah well that Bon Serge just presented the Habs with Un Gros “Fuck You,” for the second time in less than a month.

Nobody knows where he is, or what the status of his suspension is, or whether he actually did give the Habs an ultimatum or a deadline, or whether he’s already signed a contract with the KHL, or how he likes his steak, or whether he’s agreed to get his head out of his ass and get to San Antonio where the Bulldogs are playing their next game.

Alls I know is, if Sergei’s suspended by the Habs (they’re probably not going to trade him), he can’t play in the NHL. And apparently, if he signs with the KHL, and the Habs complain to the IIHF, he’ll get suspended there, too.

So essentially, his choices are to be suspended, and to be suspended.

Bon retour aux Bulldogs, Sergei!

EDIT 9.02pm : RDS just reported that  he’s changed his mind and is reporting to the ‘Dogs.


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