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Game 7 – Please win Habs, it’s not funny anymore – Ottawa Senators at Montreal Canadiens October 17

October 17, 2009

It’s time to win one. Losing streaks are depressing enough, but when a team’s trying to gel it can really fuck with their heads. Even though we need to wait until at least game 20 to see what this team’s really going to look like, losing all these points so early in the season will be the difference between 8th place and 12th in April. I’d even be happy with an OT loss early on, though not to a division rival.

Welcome back: Alex Kovalev

There were rumours in July that Kovalev would have re-signed as a Montreal Canadien had his agent at the time not fucked things up (I think Habsinsideout, among others, reported them at the time). I think it’s fair to say he wanted to stay, although I have to say I am much happier with the additions of Cammalleri and Gionta than I would have been with Kovy.

I imagine it’s taken him a while to get Montreal out of his system and he’ll be especially nervous tonight. Until the Habs fans give him a standing ovation. Then he’ll get all excited and start putting on the Alex Kovalev show. By which point it will be too late to boo, cause he’ll already have burned the fans.

Three questions:

1. Who will win the Most Neutral Zone Turnovers Game, Kovy+Spezza or All-the-Habs?
2. Can someone please break that fucker Chris Neil’s face?
3. Will Maxim Lapierre go back to being useful any day now?

Three predictions:

1. Kovalev will get a standing ovation. Then he will score a goal and the Bell Centre will collectively be ordering a hit on him.
2. Jason Spezza will make a boneheaded play and giggle all the way back to the bench. Then he’ll score a goal and giggle all the way to next Tuesday.
3. Mike Cammalleri will fucking score a goal already, damn it.

Elsewhere in the NHL: The Rangers pay the ACC a visit. You know who to cheer for.

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  1. October 17, 2009 10:38 pm

    Well you got #1 right… sort of… in reverse. And 3.

    Good job. But, I woulda taken the win over getting either of those right…

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