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Game 6 – The Home Opener: Colorado Avalanche at Montreal Canadiens October 15

October 14, 2009

And the Montreal Canadiens road trip… was not excellent. I guess it could have been worse. (We will not be talking about the Boston Red Sox. They’re not up for discussion until Spring Training. Got it?)

Anyway. The Habs are home now, and shit’s about to get real. Right? Anybody?

Only in Montreal can the NHL get away with scheduling the home opener, like, halfway into the season. As my friend Unfinished Business can tell you, people are selling their future children to get tickets to this game.

Rabid Habs fans (Habid fans? No? Too punny?) in the house will be all about Gomez and Cammalleri. Both strike me as the type to feed off of fan frenzy.

The Colorado Avalanche are looking good and the Montreal Canadiens… are not.


Sidebar: The New York Rangers have now won six games in a row while the Toronto Maple Leafs… well, you know.

Anyway, the Habs are finally home, and I’m sure this game will be ridiculous. Drop the puck already.

Three questions:

1. Is Gui awake?
2. Is he still on the team?
3. Am I the only one who thinks Belle should have been lower in the call-up queue?

Three predictions:

1. Cammalleri will score a goal and get two assists. I mean it this time.
2. Big Hal Gill will get booed by the home crowd.
3. Not as much as Mike Komisarek got booed by his home crowd on Tuesday.

Three things to get excited about:

1. First home game. Duh.
2. Matt Duchene, especially if you saw the Avs at the ACC on Tuesday.
3. If the Habs win this game we can stop talking about the Western Road Trip Fail(s) until maybe the next time they lose a game.

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  1. Unfinished Business permalink
    October 15, 2009 11:10 am

    Joey has said that if you can somehow score tickets that you can have our first born to replace the one you’re giving away to see Koivu.

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