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Game 4 – Habs at Nucks – Carey Price comes home, Take Two

October 7, 2009

Three questions:

1. Can the Canucks fans stop jumping off buildings for a second?
2. Is the weather as shitty in Vancouver as it is here?
3. Is this the Luongo we want backstopping Team Canada in February?

Three predictions:

1. Travis Moen will not stand for Alex Burrows’ incessant chirping.
2. Cammalleri will get his first goal to go with his three assists in three games.
3. theactivestick will be unable to stay awake for this game, as it often happens when the Habs go out West.

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  1. Kirk Van Houten permalink
    October 7, 2009 9:48 pm

    1)I haven’t been paying attention to the Canucks fanbase. Is it more entertaining right now than Leaf fans?
    2)No. Even when it rains, it’s beautiful. So goddamn beautiful.
    3)See Patrick Roy and his off-nights.

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