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I wonder what Sergei Kostitsyn’s agent said to him.

October 5, 2009

“Look, Sergei. You’ve gotten fat. You want an excellent way to get into shape? I have this great three-step plan. Step 1: Get your head out of your ass. Step 2: Report to Hamilton. Step 3: Shut the fuck up and play hockey.”

Sergei seems to think it’s okay to have Alex Kovalev’s ego without having his talent. That it’s okay to have Kyle Wellwood’s physique without sharing his irrelevance. That it’s okay to pull a Heatley without being whiny and funny-looking and oh, right, an elite player.

Is Sergei going to play his way onto the Habs in Hamilton? Maybe. Is he going to manage to get traded? Possibly. Is this going to get ugly? Yup.

He clearly thinks he’s too good to be in Hamilton. That’s not good for the ‘Dogs. He clearly isn’t mature enough to be in Montreal. That’s not good for the Habs.

Neither Jacques Martin nor Guy Boucher strike me as the type who will stand for any bullshit. The next Habs Captain won’t stand for it either.

Which is going to cause a problem, not just for him, but for his brother too. Not to mention for the chemistry this team is desperately trying to build.


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  1. October 5, 2009 11:53 pm

    It’s NEVER OK to pull a Dany Heatley. NEVER.

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