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Postgame 1: Will it be apple, or cherry?

October 1, 2009
Alright, I know it was the first game and this team is going to need some time to come together. But… seriously, apple, or cherry?
The Montreal Canadiens system

The Montreal Canadiens' system

The Leafs played really well, and for a long time, the Habs were a mess.

Martin preaches puck possession. The Leafs adopted the puck, gave it a pet name and took it home to meet their grandmother. Martin is not a fan of stretch passing. Some of the Habs passes landed in the Okanagen. Martin does not like when the players are too far apart. The distances between the players were wider than Timmy Thomas’ five-hole. Martin is all about speed, the Leafs are all about toughness. The Leafs skated circles around the Habs, and the Habs out-hit the Leafs 38-21.

It will happen. They will come together, learn a system, score tons of goals, and make the playoffs. Not overnight.

In the meantime, there were a few things to like about tonight:

Well, the Habs won. They were outshot, outplayed, and outmomentumed (that’s totally a word) but they worked hard and pulled a win out of Josh Gorges’ ass.

The Habs do garbage goals now!

Price was stellar. Stellar.

Apart from a turnover or two at the beginning of the game, Ryan O’Byrne impressed the hell out of me tonight.

Alex Ovechkin got two goals and an assist tonight. That doesn’t have anything to do with the Habs, but he’s on my fantasy team.

While we’re at it, Beantown Beatdown, wut!

Travis Moen… two semi-draws. Could be worse. Komisarek could have taken him out like Lucic did to him, right?

Grabovski got checked a lot. He’s fine, of course, because at the end of the day it was the Habs checking him, but still it was good to see.

Brian Gionta is the awesomest thing to ever be awesome since awesome was invented.

On to Buffalo. Kindly pray to all that is good and holy and sacrifice your puppies and firstborns in exhange for Markov’s health.

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  1. boskibbles permalink
    October 2, 2009 4:48 pm

    Cherry, duh.

    RIP Markov.

  2. boskibbles permalink
    October 2, 2009 4:51 pm

    And Komisarek is an incredible sumo wrestler, so it’s no surprise there. He’s a decent fighter if you don’t get a chance to start firing punches, which Moen had no chance of doing.

    As someone else put it “I won’t beat you but man I’ll grab the living shit out of you.”

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