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Drop the puck for reals, already…

September 29, 2009

While we all (okay, those of us in Canada) wait for that to happen…

Seriously Red Sox, losing to the Jays is uncalled for and just plain mean. Hope Beckett is okay. Also, please hurry up and clinch, thanks.

Back to the Habs…

I’m not sure if the team will miss any of the players they “lost” in the offseason.

In July, I wondered who would score goals without Kovalev. I had thought, all the way through last season, that losing Mike Komisarek would be disastrous.  That losing Koivu would have had a devastating effect on the team and that losing Higgins would have had a devastating effect on me. I made fun of Hal Gill for years for sucking. I wanted Lang back. I wanted the Kostitsyns and Ms Plekanec traded. I wanted a lot of things.

But I like this team, and I don’t think the Habs will miss any of the guys they let go, except when they meet on the ice.

They’ll miss Kovalev when he scores hat tricks against them. They’ll miss Komisarek when he checks Andrei Kostitsyn and cuts him in half (true story: AK46 was voted Most Likely To Be Plastered Endlessly into the Boards when he was in high school). They’ll miss Koivu when he really brings it against them. They’ll miss Begin when he cheapshots a Hab… it goes on.

Really, the fans will do most of the missing.The entire makeup of the team is different. I don’t think there’s much room for the team to miss specific players when so much of the surrounding cast has changed, too.

How do we know what holes are left on the team if we don’t even know what the first power play unit is going to look like, or what the defensive pairings are going to be like, or who’s going out on the PK, or…

The Habs will be fine, or not. But they won’t miss anybody.

Me? I may or may not get over Higgins or the whole Koivu thing. We’ll see.

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  1. boskibbles permalink
    September 30, 2009 11:51 pm

    When you watch Patrick Roy get up and tell the team president he wants out on live TV, you learn to not get too attached after that.

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