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10 things to get excited about this season: the Western Conference edition

September 20, 2009
  1. The Calgary Flames Defense: looks really scary (it’s like Toronto’s, but good), and as long as they don’t overplay Mikka Kiprusoff, they’ll take their division.
  2. The Mighty Ducks: Still mighty, even with the name change. Crazy first line, better second line than most NHL teams, and while they no longer have Pronger, their defense still looks pretty damn good. Our #2 team this season.
  3. The Columbus Blue Jackets: might just make the playoffs again, but their division is so crowded that they’ll really have to fight for it. Love Nash, love Mason, love Vermette, love all of it. Except RJ Umberger.
  4. Phoenix Coyotes Watch: Can’t see this team ever recovering from the Days of Our Bankrupcy Drama Lives, but stranger things have happened. No, they won’t make the playoffs, but maybe, they’ll come out of this season with some sort of a future in sight.
  5. Is This The Year: that the San Jose Sharks make it past the first round in the playoffs? That the LA Kings “youth movement” (what does that even mean?) makes some noise and the playoffs? That the Vancouver Canucks become relevant? San Jose: Maybe. LA: Maybe. Vancouver: No.
  6. Marty Turco Watch: It’s like Carey Price Watch, only with 0.00032% of the watchers.
  7. The Colorado Landslide: Yeah, they’re going to suck. Taylor Hall would be a nice consolation prize, though.
  8. The Chicago Blackhawks: Huge question mark in goal. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with a hungry team with that much talent.
  9. The Minnesota Wild: New GM, new coach, new injury-prone forward. Slightly less injury-prone. Would love to see him play with Mikko Koivu.
  10. The Playoff Race: Like last year, it’s going to be tight and go down to the wire. There are way more teams that could and should make the playoffs in the West than there are spots.
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  1. boskibbles permalink
    September 26, 2009 1:32 pm

    You know, it’s interesting that the biggest concern people have about the Canadiens is team chemistry. Presumably they’ll have all new defence pairings, but Calgary will see a new defence pairing as well for about 1/2 a game. Will they not have struggles as they adjust?

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