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10 Things to get excited about this season: the Eastern Conference edition

September 18, 2009
  1. John Tavares: You know you wanna see what this kid brings to the NHL. (Hint: it’s not a milkshake.)
  2. The Philadelphia Flyers: will make a serious Cup run, maiming and murdering opposing players all the way. Flyers fans are scarier than Habs fans. This is scientifically supported by the fact that they choose to wear orange.
  3. AO, Semin, Sid, and Malkin: Well, duh.
  4. The Boston Bruins: Wonder how they’ll do this year. They should have signed Kessel at the beginning of the year instead of playing Defenseman Musical Chairs. He’s a big loss, but this team is still pretty scary-looking. Mostly because we’re looking at Chara.
  5. The goalie situation in Ottawa: They finally got themselves a goalie in Pascal Leclaire. Let’s see if they break this one, too.
  6. Marian Gaborik Injury Watch: That’s mean. We love the Rangers. We do. We love all Original Six Teams That Are Not Toronto Or Boston. If Gaborik stays, or gets, healthy this team will probably definitely maybe make the playoffs. If not, Sean Avery, John Tortorella and the horrific ice at MSG will still be good for some entertainment.
  7. The Toronto Maple Goons: This should be interesting. All signs point to a healthy rivalry with the Habs (and one with the Sens, but that one will be boring). By “healthy” we mean “full of injuries, blood, and permanent disfigurement,” and by “rivalry” we mean “suspensions and assault charges.” Plus they just got Phil Kessel, which means now they have a forward to go with their 36 defensemen.
  8. Non-Calls on Carolina Watch: Does this piss you guys off, too?
  9. The Flying Frenchmen: on the Tampa Bay Lightning. They made some seemingly small changes over the summer, but adding Ohlund and Tanguay made the team considerably better than it was last year. The Bolts will mostly be ignored until they make the playoffs, at which point, hockey analysts will predict that they’ll upset… until they get swept in the first round.
  10. Homer Pick: Seriously, the Habs. Most predictions are that they’ll barely make it into the playoffs or barely miss them, but isn’t that what everyone says when they have no idea how a team’s going to do?
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  1. Harry M permalink
    September 19, 2009 6:37 pm

    The B’s are now in a perfect situation to pick up a stud before the trading teadline. With the extra 1st round picks in the next few years, they can pick and choose anyone who becomes available…there will be plenty available.

    It’s tough seeing a guy like Kessel leave. However, the B’s do have a solid list of young guns. I will predict that Kessel will be a minus player with the Leafs this year.

    B’s will finish 3rd in the East behind Flyers and the Caps. Then take The Cup in the playoffs led by Kovalchuk who the B’s will acquire at the deadline.

  2. boskibbles permalink
    September 26, 2009 1:29 pm

    I think Tavares will wind up being a slightly better Dany Heatley, which doesn’t excite me terribly.

    • theactivestick permalink*
      September 26, 2009 6:34 pm

      I’m sure we’ll all get bored of him eventually…

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