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10 things to get excited about this season: the Habs edition

September 17, 2009
  1. The Mighty Midgets: It’s going to be fun watching the Smurf Squad zip through Mike Komisarek’s legs, watching Brian Gionta get in Chara’s face, watching Hal Gill accidentally step on Scott Gomez on his way onto the ice, watching Big Georges pick Mike Cammalleri up so he can see what’s going on while Travis Moen or Max Lapierre do the fighting, and also, fuck Mike Komisarek.
  2. The Friendly Giants: Big Georges and Hal Gill will make you laugh when they’re off the ice if you’re a Habs fan, on the ice if you’re a fan of any other team in the NHL.
  3. Guillaume Latendresse: is due for a breakout year. The only question is which line he’ll be on, cause really he’d be useful on any of the top three.
  4. Travis Moen: his face just screams “don’t mess with me.” Okay, it doesn’t actually scream, it silently warns “don’t mess with me.” Either way, don’t mess with Travis fucking Moen.
  5. The New Sheriff in Town: Jacques Martin is all about systems, defensive play, and discipline. Here’s hoping he’ll lay the smack down when it’s necessary, and that the Habs acquire something called a “transition game” this year. If you haven’t been watching anybody but the Habs for the last little while, trust us, we’ve seen that thing called “transition game” used by other teams, and it’s really awesome.
  6. Comeback Player of the Year: Take your pick. Price. Plekanec. O’Byrne. Gomez. Hamrlik. The Kostitsyn brothers. Gionta, to a lesser extent. If each one of these players shows even marginal improvement over last season, we’re in business.
  7. Scott Gomez: is taking French lessons. Whether or not a Montreal Canadiens player speaks French is not really a thing, but if he’s trying so hard to endear himself to Habs Fans, it’s a good sign.
  8. The Vinny Lecavalier Trade Rumour: You know the rumour will happen, we know it’s going to happen, he knows it’s going to happen. And as always, it’s going to be a circus. Until last year, it was immensely entertaining, but let’s hope it doesn’t attain gong show heights like it did the last time.
  9. The General: Andrei Markov. Enough said.
  10. The Unknown: First in the Conference? Last in the League? Eighth seed? Spectacular season? Spectacular fail? Who knows, and that’s probably the best thing about the 2009-2010 Montreal Canadiens season.
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  1. Harry M permalink
    September 18, 2009 5:00 pm

    I don’t see how Price recovers from last years meltdown in the playoffs. What the crowd did to him was asinine. He might be better off getting shipped to a more comfy situation (Atlanta, Tampa, etc) to get himself straightened out.

    It will be interesting to see how the new additions pan out.

    7th seed at best…

  2. theactivestick permalink*
    September 18, 2009 6:17 pm

    You don’t ship a franchise player to the SouthEast. They get plenty of those in the draft.

  3. Harry M permalink
    September 18, 2009 9:11 pm

    Price a franchise player? hmm not anymore / Don’t think he ever was. I don’t see how he can recover mentally from games 3 & 4 last year.

    The Habs need creativity in the front office. It’s easy signing Calamari, Gionta, Gill blah blah blah….when there isn’t any accountability and brains – you get stuck with overpriced 60-70 pts guys with an -4 +-…

  4. theactivestick permalink*
    September 19, 2009 11:19 am

    I think Price will be fine.

    While I disagree with you about the Habs front office, I think, objectively speaking, it isn’t any worse than the Bruins front office. Accidental success is not an indicator of good management.

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