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Random thoughts from training camps I haven’t seen

September 14, 2009
  • Can’t figure out if we’re Guillaume Latendressing P.K. Subban or if we’re Jesus Pricing him. Let’s all calm the fuck down. He’s not the next Markov. For starters, the kid loves to talk.
  • Does anyone know if Sergei and/or Andrei have woken up yet?
  • TSN’s pre-season “power ranking” has the Canadiens at #18. Do they know the Habs got Hal Gill?
  • TSN, or Scott Cullen, also has the Flames at #17. Behind St. Louis, Vancouver, Edmonton (Edmonton!), Minnesota, Columbus and other pretend teams. Really?
  • Glad you’re happy and everything, Saku, but who said you could be the first to move on?
  • In an unrelated story, our #2 team this year will be Anaheim. (Sorry Blue Jackets. What we had was really special.)
  • Mike Komisarek can please go choke on Matt Stajan.
  • The Ottawa Senators are apparently totally over the whole Heatley thing, so now they can go back to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..
  • Milan Gaborik apparently hasn’t uninjured himself yet.
  • Being Page Sixed is so much cooler than being Le Journal de Montréaled.
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