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Saying our goodbyes

September 5, 2009


Alex Kovalev: You’re like the hot cheerleader everyone wants to go out with that never puts out. Montreal will miss you. Or not. No, you’ll be missed. Or not. Wait… How about this, we’ll miss you when we feel like it.

Alex Tanguay: Meh.

Christopher Higgins: Hope you can get right on scoring all those goals you were talking about, cause the Rangers are going to need all they can get when Gaborik goes on the injured list the first game he plays. We at theactivestick, in particular, are sad you’re gone, though.

Francis Bouillon: Bye.

Mathieu Dandenault: You’re one player we really loved. Couldn’t ask for more from a bottom-6 forward. Wait. Actually, you can. You can ask him to play D, and that’s asking too much.

Mathieu Schneider: What a shot. Maybe you can do us a favour and accidentally hit a Sedin twin in the face. We’ll also accept Alex Burrows. If that’s too much to ask, maybe you can try for Kyle Wellwood?


Patrice Brisebois: Nice guy. Players from opposing teams will really feel your absence.

Robert Lang: As of this post, we’re hoping the rumoured tryout works out, because you were a serious favourite last season and we don’t trust Plekanec as far as we could throw him. Which is quite far.

Saku Koivu: We are still pretending this didn’t happen. Check back in a couple of months.

Steve Begin: The more we think about it, the more we realize you’re a perfect fit for Boston. And as long as you don’t take any cheap shots on a Canadien, the Bell Centre will shower you with love and adoration whenever you stop by. That said, bye!

Tom Kostopoulous: As much as we hate the Carolina Hurricanes, we’re glad you got a decent contract, and appreciate the enthusiasm you put into getting your ass kicked all the time.

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  1. September 6, 2009 12:46 pm

    Saku 😦

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